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Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

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Pros: Weight, Bottom Pads, Buttons, Grip, Shape1

Cons: Side buttons are non-tactile, Trouble transitioning from wireless to wired.

The Packing was nice, not to difficult to open, fairly simple and less flashy than others.
So, here are a few pictures of the packing beginning with the front,

The Side,

The important stuff, the back

Contents of the box

Booklets taken out,

Mouse and USB next to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a comparison.

The first thing that impressed me was how small the USB dongle was. I can leave it wherever I want and it does not impose, at all.
It is small enough to be stored conveniently and safely in the battery compartment. It may seem like poor design putting the storage there but the extra work is worth it with such a small USB, Along with the Dongle there is a USB Male-Female adapter with feet to hold it in place. This is a nice gift even though for most users it is unnecessary. The charging cable is also nice. It is a thick coated wire but at the same time stays fairly flexible. It is about 5-6 feet long.
Now to the mouse itself. The shape of the mouse is very ergonomic and is comfortable even during long gaming sessions. All 14 buttons are very responsive. The left and right click buttons are very springy. My one gripe comes with the thumb buttons, they aren't tactile. like the noise feedback of a click. The lock unlock feature for the scroll wheel is useful for large documents. I enjoy the grip, it is a textured rubber that breathes well and doesn't make me sweat too much (This is strange because I am abnormally clammy in the palm region). I also enjoy the IR laser which is good so an idiot like me can't blind himself.

I did a short run through of the software hereThe software is very easy to use. The onboard memory makes switching from my Desktop to my Laptop very easy. When you first install the software it allows you to choose from a heap of preloaded profiles to make setting them up even easier. Rebinding buttons is very easy because the software is super simple. The options to bind keys are very wide allowing macros, shortcuts, and key commands. Setting the DPI is also just a few clicks away. The mouse is super responsive no-matter what DPI it is set to.
My one complaint with the software is that the mouse gets messed up when plugging in the charging cable as it gets detected as a new device and takes around 30 seconds to transition back to a working state. This is quite avoidable as the battery lasts for days and sometimes weeks on a full charge.

Final Thoughts
The mouse is the best gaming mouse I have ever used. I got the mouse on sale for $45. I consider it money well spent and would make barely any changed. The cons are really sort of nitpicky and are not huge turnoffs from the mouse.


Pros: Excellent Response Time, Nice button placement, comfortable, wireless

Cons: On gaming mode drains battery quite fast, unusable with cord plugged in (my opinion)

This is my first gaming wireless mouse and I have to say I'm very impressed. Its just as responsive as my Cyborg MMO 7, after I figured out the range issue. The mini-usb for the mouse is lacking in penetrating power and a little in range, so to compensate for this, they provide a cord that you plug into the usb slot, then you put the mouses mini-usb in the end and place it wherever you want, best place is probably behind your monitor. Then it works like a dream. The mouse is very comfortable, and thats coming from a guy who owned a modular mouse before. The 4 buttons on the side look a bit awkward, but they are actually very ingenius. When your not gaming, you can have your thumb rest on the nice smooth part below the buttons and very easily reach up to press the backward and forward buttons for web browsing. When you game, move your thumb inbetween the buttons, and its still quite comfortable, and very easy push them. The mouse wheel is great, as with all logitech G series mice, and can click a button to go between free-wheel and locking (standard on most mice).

The only real flaw, but I didnt dock any marks for it, is that I find it completely unplayable with the cord plugged in. Thats mostly because I have a really sticky mousepad, and a CRT monitor further restricting the movement. It also doesnt help that the cord isnt meant for moving with it (very sticky rubber), not that I blame them, it is a wireless mouse after all. Just charge it up during the night, and when you wake up, its good to go for about 5-7 hours of gaming.


Pros: Works great, fast, weight, size, wireless/wired

Cons: battery life

love it! get it!

perfect size for thoes with larger hands, the buttons are layed out for quick access while still being easy to distinguish.

The transition from wired to wireless is very fast, <1 second of down time.

10/10, would buy again


Pros: software works great, buttons easy to find in the dark, greatly improved my kill ratio

Cons: price,you need 3 AA batteries for a full days use if gaming

I noticed that I was getting killed too fast on BF3 so I started looking for a good first person mouse. I wanted cordless and that left me with the Rat-9, Razer Mamba and this G700 by Logitec.
I have a slightly different way of researching items that I purchase online. I look at 5 star ratings and 1 star ratings. (usually on amazon because there is 10 times as many reviews as newegg on amazon) 1 star is dead on arrival , and 5 star is completely satisfied. I noticed that the mamba and Rat-9 have between 20% and 35% of their customer ratings rated at a 1 star , thats too high of % of failure
The G700 had only about 7% of people giving a 1 star rating, so I went with the 93% reliability of the G700
as for the mouse, I love it, it fits comfortably, cleans easily, has easy to find in the dark buttons,I had a G7 in the past , this has an even better ergo design.
I have it programmed BF3,windows and photoshop. The on the fly sensitivity adjustment buttons let you program in 5 increments of your choosing. I have low sensativity for outdoor maps , medium for close quarters maps , and if I hop into a tank , I can just crank up the sensativity so I can rapidly turn the turret.

The scroll wheel unlock lets you cruise through long mp-3 file lists for fast searches. I should have had this scroll wheel when it came out 10 years ago

I programmed photoshop , now I have an undo,re-do button
also I have auto exposure,auto color , auto contrast buttons this is great and saves time

after 3 months of use and 250+ hours of BF3 gameplay everything is still working great, I would recommend this to others and I would gladly spend the 80 dollars again

The only problems I have found so far is that I was only getting about 5 hours of gaming out of the mouse when set at a 500/sec report rate and power saver off. I noticed that half the time I was having to use the mouse while plugged in , and the chord they give you is very stiff and is not a standard USB cord . so you cannot swap it out, so I went to Wallmart and paid 15 dollars for a energizer charger that came with 4 AA batteries. Now , I never plug in the mouse , it always has fresh batteries, I leave the battery cover off the bottom of the mouse for quick battery swaps during long gaming sesions.

also , sometimes the scroll wheel feels like it doesent have enough resistance which causes me to scroll past my pistol frown.gif and get killed
I look all over for the best price online and stupid best buy had it for 10 dollars cheaper. Go figure


Pros: Feels good, very customizable

Cons: Needs more buttons!

I switched to this mouse for FPS gaming because you don't need a lot of buttons for it. I was using a Razer Naga but they are too small and light for anything besides MMOs imo.

This mouse tends to be a little on the heavy side and it's also great for bigger hands like mine. The adjustable DPI buttons make it great for FPS games if you need to switch from low to high DPI. It comes in handy when you pick up other weapons because you can change it based on the situation.

The software that comes with it lets you customize ANY button to be a macro or another key. You can also assign it to certain games, and change the setting based on the game you're playing.

The wireless battery life usually lasted me about 11ish hours of solid playing before I had to plug it in for a little bit. The cord that comes with it is a little stiff but I could still move the mouse around pretty freely. The wireless lag isn't really there. I didn't notice any difference in movement from wired to wireless.

I give it a 5/5 because I really can't find anything wrong with it.


Pros: Anti-sweat coating, 13 Buttons, Excellent Customizability via software

Cons: Weight, Mediocre battery life, Flaking nickel coating

Anti-sweat coating, 13 Buttons, Excellent Customizability via software


Pros: Amazing amount of customization via software and buttons,

Cons: Battery life

This is my first wireless gaming mouse, and the build quality of this mouse is impressive. It comes with usb wire that can be used to charge the mouse and an extension, but if your battery is dead you can also use the mouse plugged in as a backup. The software included with the mouse is great as well, with tons of customization and profiles you can set up for different gaming selections. The only down side I have found thus far is during general gaming the battery at most is good for about 6 hours, and when playing demanding games it can be as low as 2 hours, but with the ability to plug it in and keep going there is no worry of not being able to continue. Overall I find this mouse to be one of the best on the market I have used.
Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

With 13 programmable controls and a full-speed wireless connection, the logitech wireless gaming mouse g700 keeps you comfortable, in control and deep into your game.

BindingPersonal Computers
ESRB Age RatingRating Pending
FeatureCrafted for gaming with high-precision laser tracking and onboard memory for storing up to five game profiles
Hardware PlatformPc
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height8.81 inches
Length8 inches
Weight1.05 pounds
Width2.69 inches
List Price$99.99
Operating SystemWindows
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPC Accessory
TitleLogitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700
Number Of Items1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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