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A Review On: Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

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Pros: Works great, fast, weight, size, wireless/wired

Cons: battery life

love it! get it!

perfect size for thoes with larger hands, the buttons are layed out for quick access while still being easy to distinguish.

The transition from wired to wireless is very fast, <1 second of down time.

10/10, would buy again


Nice review. I love the details
Another A+ review over here on OCN. Keep up the good work...
(to the above coments)
wow its quite clear you guys are being rude.
Technicaly you are less helpful than what you would consider an "a+" reveiw..
It may not be a book, but at least it wasnt "IT ROX!" or "THIS SUX"
He gave his input and basic functionality pros + cons, there are 4 other reivews on this product, if you dont like this one go read a different one.