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Logitech Z-2300 Z2300 2.1 THX 200W Speaker w/ Subwoofer

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Pros: Decent build quality, Good mids and lows, Appealing looks.

Cons: Poor highs, volume controller.

After spending over a year with cheapo sub $15.00 speakers, I decided enough is enough. Time to get some real speakers. I considered a few others, but these came in at a good used price that I just could not resist. Without even reading a review I jumped on em.

I really considered the newer Logitech Z623 system, but I found these for a great price second hand, and they turned out to be in very good condition so I feel they are worthy for this review.
Being a 2.1 system it consists of two satellites and a subwoofer, the sub containing the inbuilt 200w rms (FTC rated) amplifier powering the entire set.

The satellites use 2.5" polished aluminum phase plug drivers, with the subwoofer shipping with a hefty 8" long throw woofer. Very cool.
Power distribution sees the subwoofer taking 120w rms, with each satellite taking 40w rms each at 8ohm. Using 8ohm drivers make replacement a doddle. Frequency response of 35hz - 20khz ensures a full range of sound.
We see a total Sound pressure level of 117dB, loud enough to please almost anyone I'm sure, they are also THX certified.

The subwoofer comes in an MDF enclosures, with the walls being a mighty 16mm thick with internal clamps for extra he man like strength. It has silver front fascia and nice grille, with the rest of the enclosure being black, the satellite enclosures are plastic, with a silver front and black rear much like the subwoofer enclosure.
The subwoofer has a Logitech logo printed on the front of it, the satellites look very sharp with their polished phase plug in the middle of their 2.5" driver. There are two removable mesh grills for the satellites.
One thing that I found quite disappointing was the length of the satellite cables. I feel they are very short, limiting placement, this could be remedied with an rca extension cable.

The satellites are decent, made by a no name company. The mids are pretty good, but the highs are seriously lacking. Having no dedicated tweeter, they just can't reproduce high frequency without dropping volume, which is unfortunate. Being small 2.5" drivers, don't expect any kind of bass from them either. On a good note however, the subwoofer is really very good. It hits hard, and it hits loud. I got some fun floor shake with it turned right up in bass heavy songs/movies, and no exceptions in gaming, hearing grenades explode in shooters or a heavy thunderstorm in Metro Last Light was tip top. Moving the subwoofer around a little bit may help make bass response even better, I having placed them under my computer desk to the right of my seat.

I found the physical size of the satellites and subwoofer were easy to work with, with the subwoofer under the desk and satellites sitting on each side of the speaker with ease. These are close proximity speakers, so having them close~ together is optimal.

I can't recommend this unit, seeing as it's discontinued, however if the newer Z623 set is similar, that could be a good route if you're in the market for a good 2.1 speaker kit that you can use with all your devices for a good price.

Logitech Z-2300 Z2300 2.1 THX 200W Speaker w/ Subwoofer

This Z-2300 amplified speaker system can be connected to your computer, MP3 player, portable DVD or practically any portable sound source (with a miniplug) for superior sound with uncompromising THX-Certified Performance. Discriminating music lovers will love the way these speakers deliver an all-encompassing listening experience: powerful distortion-free bass, clear highs, and rich mid-range. If you love music, you'll love the Logitech Z-2300, a 2.1 speaker system that combines everything you need in a sound system: THX-certified performance and quality, beautiful looks, and more than enough power to fill your room with great sound.Sound Quality THX-certified: The ultimate mark of quality for speaker systems. 200 watts of RMS power (400 watts of peak power): Hearand feel thunderous audio that brings music, movies, and games to life. Powerful, distortion-free bass: An 8-inch, long-throw subwoofer driver with flared bass port delivers a pounding low range. Phase plug design: Aluminum drivers outperform conventional two-way designs with superb high-end and rich mid-range tones. Convenience SoundTouch wired remote control: Take command of your listening experience with controls for master volume and subwoofer. Includes a power/standby button and a headphone jack for private listening. Multiple sourceready: Use the provided adapter for easy connection to your favorite DVD player, CD player, or gaming console.  Technical Specifications Drivers: Satellites: 2.5-inch polished aluminum phase plug driver Subwoofer: 8-inch long-throw ported driver with sixth-order bass reflex enclosure

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature2.1 Speaker system that combines everything you need in a sound system
Height149.61 inches
Length185.04 inches
Weight19.84 pounds
Width185.04 inches
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPersonal Computer
Product Type NameSPEAKERS
TitleLogitech Z-2300 Z2300 2.1 THX 200W Speaker w/ Subwoofer
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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