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Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Digital Speaker System


Pros: Sounds amazing. Affordable compared to home theater systems. Lots of inputs

Cons: Crappy remote, More optical inputs would be nice

Let me just put it this way.... Over the past 7 years I've owned around 30 different desktops, 10 different laptops, 5 LCD TV's, 5 PS3's and tons of hardware where I constantly felt like I want to trade for something else because I got tired of it. But over the past 7 years I never even thought of selling or trading the speakers. They always impress me and I probably won't ever sell them! I recommend them to everyone even for use as a home surround sound system!


Pros: Bass, looks, sound quality, price

Cons: One directional sound, lack of speaker stands

I've had this sound system fro a full 4 years now.
Absolutely love it and can't find a single sound system to rival it - For the 505 Watts you get out of the PC sound system, the 5.1 surround sound, the simplicity of the control pad, the included remote, the looks, the price, its inputs and durability, make this sound system one of the best PC sound systems out there.
Some will argue that one could buy monitor speakers - sure I could, but I would probably end up spending in excess of $500 in order to get a nice setup - and more so won't get the benefits of this Z-5500.

The only disadvantages I've found with this sound system is the fact that it is very much one directional sound.
If the speakers are orientated in different directions and thus not directly facing you, the sound that will be achieved won't be as expected.
Finally, on a lighter note, the lack of speaker stands means that the speakers have to be either on a surface which is at the same level as your ears (due to the one directional sound) or mounted on a wall.
I would have liked if Logitech would have had some official speaker stands available for purchase, as it would have really fulfilled a true 5.1 sound system in that respect.

Last but not least, this sound system has since been replaced by its newer variant. Personally, I don't see the point in changing to an uglier, less user friendly interface.
I really love my Z-5500 and if you have the chance to buy this, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it.


Pros: Volume control, nice control pod, strong bass, very long speaker cables, amazing build quality, etc

Cons: Not for music, a little expensive for the overall sound quality, highs & mids are slightly poor, control pod cable is short

Hey OCN, welcome to my fourth review! This will be a review on the Logitech z-5500 5.1 Digital Speaker System. This speaker system has always been a big discussion on OCN when it comes to speaker systems and just audio in general. It has been used in countless arguments, and many people just do not like it, they feel it's too expensive, etc. I'm inclined to agree that it IS too expensive for the sound quality, however, I do feel it is still a great speaker system.

Onto the pros & cons!

  • Volume. The volume on this speaker system is impressive. For example, I really never need to turn my speakers more than 3 volume bars for a normal listening experience, and even sometimes that's too loud, and I'll need to bring it down to 2. As far when I go to mix, and I like to have things nice and loud so the sub kicks hard, anything over halfway is too loud for a simple room setup. It just has very impressive volume control.
  • Very intuitive control pod, it does exactly what it needs to do. It has multiple settings for different things: Movies, Music, etc. Volume knob is comfortable to turn, LED text is very readable, etc.
  • The subwoofer is very impressive, and packs quite a punch. Although the bass can be quite muddy at times, it's still a great sub for what you pay. When watching movies, the sub can literally shake the walls and floor of my room, it's just great. For music, the same, but again... this speaker system is NOT for music in mind, it's for movies and video games.
  • Very long speaker wires. You should have no issues routing the speaker wires from the subwoofer to the satellites.
  • Build quality is great, the subwoofer is a tank and the satellites are built very sturdy as well.


  • I will go into depth as well as I can with this, because a lot of people always bash the z-5500s and say they are a bad speaker system, etc. The z-5500s are NOT for music. It's not that music is unplayable with these speakers, in fact, it's still great. However, this speaker system is primarily for video games and movies in mind, that's just where the quality shines. For music, you have to mess with EQs a lot to get a desired effect, and it all changes and varies based off of the genres. For music, I had to spend a few hours messing with my sound card's EQ to get a somewhat desirable music result.

    Now, do not let this hold you back from a purchase. The speaker system still handles music well, and I use this system for mixing EDM at home. However, do NOT expect the sound quality of studio monitors or speakers dedicated to 2.1 / music in mind. That is NOT what this system is primarily for.
  • It's a little expensive for the sound quality it offers. From what I heard, it was at least $200 cheaper back in the day, but now it's close to $450 these days, at least that's what it was when I bought it around two years ago.
  • The mids & highs aren't anything to write home about because it lacks a tweeter.
  • Control pod cable is short, which bothers me, and it may bother you too depending on your room setup. I believe it's only 6ft long.


This is a great speaker system for movies & video games, but lacks in the 2.1 and music department. However, as I said earlier in the review, don't let that stop you from purchasing this system if it's what you have in mind. Also, as I mentioned previously, this system has had its fair share of controversy on OCN, and it's usually always bashed. It definitely doesn't deserve the bashing it gets, to be honest. It's a great speaker system and really brings out the best in your movies & video games. Overall, I would say this is a solid purchase for a speaker system, just try to get it a little cheaper than what most people pay for it ($400+ range).



Pros: Sounds awesome, digital inputs, lots of control

Cons: Control unit display flickers off sometimes

These set of speakers are pretty awesome. They go to 11 if you turn them up all the way and they sound great. The control unit has some known issues. ( Display flickering, power button being hard to press without holding the unit.) It also has digital coax and optical inputs as well as the 3 wire 3.5mm computer connections. These speakers are comparable to an entry level receiver and the satellites are high quality. The digital inputs also support Dolby and DTS. Considering you can pick these up online for as low as $250, they are worth a shot.
Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Digital Speaker System

Wrap yourself in sound with the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system. At the heart of the Z-5500 is a powerful subwoofer with a 10-inch ported driver that provides added excitement to action movies, bone-rattling bass to music, and greater realism to games. Each of the four satellites and the center-channel speaker feature a unique driver design that places a tweeter at the center of a larger mid-range driver. The result is a smooth combination of sounds with the fullness of a much larger speaker. Also, if you're looking for cool pro-audio looks, the Z-5500 doesn't disappoint. Cloth grilles are removable and the pedestals rotate for easy wall mounting or desk placement. The center channel can be mounted on a wall, or above or below the monitor. Finally, the Digital SoundTouch Control Center puts command of the system at your fingertips. Digital LCD lets you select audio source, digital surround sound effect, adjust parameters of digital surround sound effects, adjust the volume levels of the individual speakers, mute the entire system, and of course, turn the set on and off. There's even an auxiliary input jack to conveniently connect other audio devices. Satellite RMS Power /ea: Left/Right: 62 watts RMS x 2 (into 8 ohms, @ 1khz, @ 10% THD) Center: 69 watts RMS (into 8 ohms, @ 1kHz, @ 10% THD) Rear Left & Right: 62 watts RMS x 2 (into 8 ohms, @ 1kHz, @ 10% THD) Subwoofer RMS Power: 188 watts RMS (into 8 ohms, @ 100Hz, @ 10% THD) Driver: Satellites: 3" polished aluminum phase plug drivers Subwoofer: 10" high-excursion ported driver with 6th order bass reflex enclosure Surround sound effects Frequency Response: 33 Hz - 20 kHz Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR): >93.5 dB

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