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Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard


Pros: Quiet for a mechanical keyboard, great feel, cable management, great media controls

Cons: Using macros is a bit of a hassle, software leaves some to be desired

Pros: This keyboard is for the person who wants the responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard without the noise of Cherry MX Blue key switches. Logitech seems to be the only company that has delivered. The G710+ is the best full sized keyboard that keeps noise at a minimum. It is great for work environments, streamers or YouTubers with sensitive microphones, or even the annoyed gamer who hates his Cherry MX Blues. This keyboard uses Cherry MX Browns (which I think are the best key switches), has noise dampening O rings to prevent the loud bottoming out that heavy typers may experience, awesome media keys and a scrolling wheel for audio levels, and great cable management for headphones and USB cables. I love this keyboard and will probably buy another one if this one dyes on me.

Cons: This keyboard is a bit old and lacks one feature that I kinda want to match my Deathadder Chroma. RGB backlighting. Logitech does have an RGB keyboard, but it is no replacement for the G710+. The macros are also slightly too inconvenient for an FPS game.

Other thoughts: This keyboard is kind of like a leather shoe. It has about a three day break in period where the keys are sticky and not quite consistent in terms of feel. This is a minor problem because the keyboard feels great after the break in period. People also say the keyboard doesn't work upon arrival, but I have had no such issue. Mine still works perfectly after almost a year now.

Side note: Logitech should really make this an RGB backlit keyboard. The white lights are just outdated.


Pros: Solid construction, well backlit keys (with WASD specific lights), "Gaming Mode", Quiet.

Cons: Shiny finish can attract fingerprints and a weirdly colored ring.

This keyboard is leaps and bounds above my previous board, a Razer Anansi. There's no stupid color shifting lights, and the keys don't stick- plus they're easily removable.

I currently use it with a Windows 8 computer (my build D'yer Mak'er) and have had nothing but a pleasant experience. It's somewhat expensive at $150- but it definitely is worth it, especially once you get the chance to feel how smooth the switch contact is. My board's switches engage roughly half way down. The keys themselves have very clear markings that are evenly lit, so there are no bright spots on the keys. Underneath each key is at least a single white L.E.D which has adjustable brightness levels which is extremely nice to use during the night- something my previous keyboard didn't have. It was stuck on blinding bright mode 24/7 because the key was stuck down. Along with the backlit keyboard, if you're an avid gamer there's a separate brightness switch which controls the "WASD" and the arrows. It has the same brightness settings as the rest of the keyboard, but they can be controlled separately if required/desired. Easily removable keys are another definite positive aspect of this keyboard. Every single key is removable which makes cleaning (if you have pets or eat near your keyboard) a breeze. It doesn't require much effort to remove the keys themselves, and pressing them down completely reattaches them perfectly.

One of the two negatives are the oddly bright orange ring along the left hand side of the keyboard, where macro keys are located. Of course it can be removed and wrapped with vinyl- but it'd be worth the effort if you strive for a truly color matched setup. The other negative being the finish on the keyboard can attract loads of fingerprints. Luckily, Logitech limited the glossy finish to only a few spots around the arrow keys and the top right hand part of the keyboard. The rest of the keyboard is a slightly textured gray finish with "G710+" on the right hand side of the keyboard (see pictures).

All in all this is a phenomenal keyboard. With the switches and removable key caps, it's definitely built to last. Again the price is somewhat high at the normal price of $150, but if anyone can catch one on sale or used- get it. Seeing as Logitech has had good support it's probably one of the best buys you can make keyboard wise.



Pros: Brown switches are quiet (personal preference), It has a little volume slider, it is illuminated for nighttime typing

Cons: 3 KEYCAPS BROKE OFF! They broke OFF! They no longer fit on the switch. Do you hear me? They were on the switch, then not on the switch.

Here are some forums and an Internet review I did on Amazon that shows that it was not just me having the problem





The date of purchase and purchase price are an approximation. I hope thousands of users see this review because I do not want you to have to spend a lot of money on a keyboard, get all excited, show your fried and your dad, and then a year later have the keyboard become unusable. This happened to me. My dad was excited for me that I finally got a keyboard I like. He has arthritis in his hands and I am beginning to develop a bit of pain in my fingers and I am only 28. I need mechanical keyboards because they just feel better on my hand.

Here's the problem. The keycaps broke off. I have pictures of my keycaps. I am going to simply review this product based on my frustration with the keycaps breaking. I will not mention any pros other than it worked for 6 months and the pros I listed above, because the pros are non existent if the board is unusable. If you are into mechanical keyboards then you know how the keycaps fit on. They have a little + shaped slit that fits around the + shaped protrusion on the switch. On the Logitech keyboard I have right in front of me, now serving as an abuse outlet, the molding around the slits broke off on 3 keycaps. That makes the key unusable because it will not depress properly when pressed. I looked online and there were 2 other users on different forums with the same problem. On my Amazon review, a few people responded telling me they had the same problem. Now, if this was just a one time thing that some impurities in the plastic created, then I would be totally forgiving. But, this happened on 3 keys, which means that this must have been either a cheapo solution Logitech used with their OEM, or just a bad batch. But when other people online have the same problem, then it is obvious that it was a cheapo solution for Logitech's OEM to save money. I did not type harder than I usually do on this board. I tend to type a bit harder than most, but anything that is $100 should be able to stand up to my typing. I sent a support ticket into Logitech and their solution was for me to send the entire board back and pay for shipping. They have a 3 year warranty, however, if you give your product a really nice warranty but charge them the shipping costs, then it's as if you didn't even provide a warranty. I am not going to use the warranty for a few reasons. First, it is going to cost me a pretty penny to buy a box, go to the UPS store, and ship this to them with tracking. This is a heavy board. Secondly, why should I spend time and money to have them fix a board with the same parts as they originally made it with? That is like using a dirty bandage to replace a dirty bandage. I had this board for a year. In the first 6 months, the ESC keycap broke, then later the right CTRL keycap broke, and then just a few weeks ago the S keycap broke. So It will work fine if I never need to walk backwards or go to the pause menu.

1 and 1/2 stars for working well for 6 months. I will give it that courtesy.

Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard labeled as a "gaming" keyboard by Logitech. Features Cherry MX Browns and a usb port.

List Price149.99
Total USB Ports1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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