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A Review On: Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

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Pros: Solid construction, well backlit keys (with WASD specific lights), "Gaming Mode", Quiet.

Cons: Shiny finish can attract fingerprints and a weirdly colored ring.

This keyboard is leaps and bounds above my previous board, a Razer Anansi. There's no stupid color shifting lights, and the keys don't stick- plus they're easily removable.

I currently use it with a Windows 8 computer (my build D'yer Mak'er) and have had nothing but a pleasant experience. It's somewhat expensive at $150- but it definitely is worth it, especially once you get the chance to feel how smooth the switch contact is. My board's switches engage roughly half way down. The keys themselves have very clear markings that are evenly lit, so there are no bright spots on the keys. Underneath each key is at least a single white L.E.D which has adjustable brightness levels which is extremely nice to use during the night- something my previous keyboard didn't have. It was stuck on blinding bright mode 24/7 because the key was stuck down. Along with the backlit keyboard, if you're an avid gamer there's a separate brightness switch which controls the "WASD" and the arrows. It has the same brightness settings as the rest of the keyboard, but they can be controlled separately if required/desired. Easily removable keys are another definite positive aspect of this keyboard. Every single key is removable which makes cleaning (if you have pets or eat near your keyboard) a breeze. It doesn't require much effort to remove the keys themselves, and pressing them down completely reattaches them perfectly.

One of the two negatives are the oddly bright orange ring along the left hand side of the keyboard, where macro keys are located. Of course it can be removed and wrapped with vinyl- but it'd be worth the effort if you strive for a truly color matched setup. The other negative being the finish on the keyboard can attract loads of fingerprints. Luckily, Logitech limited the glossy finish to only a few spots around the arrow keys and the top right hand part of the keyboard. The rest of the keyboard is a slightly textured gray finish with "G710+" on the right hand side of the keyboard (see pictures).

All in all this is a phenomenal keyboard. With the switches and removable key caps, it's definitely built to last. Again the price is somewhat high at the normal price of $150, but if anyone can catch one on sale or used- get it. Seeing as Logitech has had good support it's probably one of the best buys you can make keyboard wise.



no but honestly, if I can break the bottom of the keycap by sliding my fingernail across it, it is not built to last. I am not trying to be mean here, but this review might make people go out and buy one and I can give you many forums across the web where people have the same problem I had. The keycaps just break. They are made by iOne and iOne is known for shoddy construction. But this is your personal opinion and you have every right to post your review on here. I am just giving a counter point and saying that this keyboard is anything but durable.
People get freakishly weird units. So because I got a funky Rampage IV Black, should I propose nobody buys it because it didn't work? No.

I didn't go out right away when my board was pretty much DOA and write a review or comment on someone's saying "lol @ bad review" or anything like that. Things happen, and things will break. It just happens
There are many forums online with hundreds of posts and replies from people who had the same problem I had.
Same thing with my motherboard, posts all over the RIVE:BE Club here on OCN complaining about malfunctioning boards. Crap happens and unfortunately it's a fact of life.
i would suggest razer blackwidow instead. cheaper, more durable, great software.
Proxy, it's not really cheaper. It's not more durable in any way, and the Logitech software is miles above Synapse. The Blackwidow doesn't even use real Cherry MX switches anymore. It uses "Razer" switches which are a cheap Chinese copy made by Kailh..
Zepp, I agree with your review. Well done. I've used this for 7 months now, and am glad I got it. Keytravel feels good, it isn't super-loud, and the backlighting is dope as heck.
Nice review, I have this keyboard and it is so nice the wife stole it for her rig.
Maxvons. When i say cheaper, i mean razer sells it for 100 dollars on their website. Logitech sells g710 for 150 dollars on their website. So is it cheaper? yes, yes it is go get your facts straight. Razer also has an "ultimate" version which has INDIVIDUALLY blacklit keys which is actually really cool as you can use the software to make different keys any color, like making G key for throwing grenades red etc. And it costs 140 dollars, still cheaper. (not something i cared to pay for as i know where my keys are regardless). When i say more durable they advertise 60 million clicks while logitech advertises 50 million. I would also mention the really nice braided wire, you know it wont snap or anything of the sort. Lastly you mention that razer products are made in china. Well so is logitech genius. The logitech g400s im using now is made in china, its all made in china. Other than the arm rest and a few extra media keys on the top i do not see anything better about this keyboard. And for those who care about looks, razer definitely looks better.
No, you cannot change the colors of any mechanical Razer keyboard

I was saying that the SWITCHES are a Chinese copy of Cherry MX, which is TRUE. The switches in the G710+ are made in Germany. The rest is made in China.

You have to compare the G710+ to the Ultimate model of the BlackWidow. Then the G710+ is cheaper.
The normal model, which is cheaper, doesn't even have a backlight..

Looks are highly personal taste, and I prefer the look of the G710+. To me, it looks a bit more sophisticated, while still looking cool.
You make a sound argument, I withdraw razer, here's the best keyboard i could find. The Vengeance K70 Gaming Keyboard. And honestly the backlighting is pointless, it's more of eye candy, maybe useful to dumb people but us gamers know what where keys are.
The Ducky Shine 3 is just as good as the Corsair K70, but I agree, it's a good keyboard. The backlighting is not pointless, it's quite useful in the dark, and it makes the keyboard looks 10 times better.