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Great Keyboard if You Need It

A Review On: Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech's G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

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Pros: Quiet for a mechanical keyboard, great feel, cable management, great media controls

Cons: Using macros is a bit of a hassle, software leaves some to be desired

Pros: This keyboard is for the person who wants the responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard without the noise of Cherry MX Blue key switches. Logitech seems to be the only company that has delivered. The G710+ is the best full sized keyboard that keeps noise at a minimum. It is great for work environments, streamers or YouTubers with sensitive microphones, or even the annoyed gamer who hates his Cherry MX Blues. This keyboard uses Cherry MX Browns (which I think are the best key switches), has noise dampening O rings to prevent the loud bottoming out that heavy typers may experience, awesome media keys and a scrolling wheel for audio levels, and great cable management for headphones and USB cables. I love this keyboard and will probably buy another one if this one dyes on me.

Cons: This keyboard is a bit old and lacks one feature that I kinda want to match my Deathadder Chroma. RGB backlighting. Logitech does have an RGB keyboard, but it is no replacement for the G710+. The macros are also slightly too inconvenient for an FPS game.

Other thoughts: This keyboard is kind of like a leather shoe. It has about a three day break in period where the keys are sticky and not quite consistent in terms of feel. This is a minor problem because the keyboard feels great after the break in period. People also say the keyboard doesn't work upon arrival, but I have had no such issue. Mine still works perfectly after almost a year now.

Side note: Logitech should really make this an RGB backlit keyboard. The white lights are just outdated.

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Used G710+, G910 and now Razer Chroma. G710+ probably the best looking keyboard but it's too quite for me. G910 is ok but it's super quite. Chroma Green Switch is my favorite in terms of keys and leds. Software is also better. I just wish i was a bit better made.
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