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Mach Speed Matrix P4M800


Pros: Offers ports from older and newer gen.

Cons: No good for overclocking, near dead end support and life time warranty.

It's a good deed for me to review this mobo.

This is part of the bargain cpu + mobo for $100 combo deal I got from TigerDirect.com.

Considering it's a MATX board, this mobo offers good ports/features for its time.

The overclocking is rather mediocre. Can only overclock its bundled Celeron D 340J CPU from 2.93GHz to 3.2GHz.... but over time it would become unstable... while others can overclocking the same model CPU to a lot higher frequency.

While it doesn't run my 2 x 1GB Patriot DDR400 (paired RAMs with HS) in dual channel mode... It's a waste the extra money I've spent on the RAMs.

Ripping off the P4M800 model sticker on the mobo reveals a different model "P4M80-M4" originally printed on the mobo... what the heck?

People told me in the past that this mobo could be re-branded from Biostar's P4M80-M4... this has been further verified to be true by myself.

The mobo should be under a limited lifetime warranty, but the company kinda already shifted its focus onto other types of products... the last update for their support website was a few years ago...

Nevertheless, this mobo is considered as a good buy for me at the time. rolleyes.gif
Mach Speed Matrix P4M800

Mach Speed Matrix P4M800 Via Socket 478 MicroATX Motherboard Mach Speed Mobo for Powerhouse Intel CPUs. This marvelous Mach Speed Socket 478 motherboard delivers sensational performance to systems running on Intel Pentium 4 processors up to a lightning-fast 3.4GHz and with FSB support for 533MHz. The Mach Speed P4M800 also works flawlessly with Intel’s Celeron, Celeron D and Pentium 4 Northwood/Prescott CPUs. This exceptional ATX motherboard supports DDR 266,333, and 400 up to 2GB total memory, as well as SATA, onboard 6-channel audio, SPDIF out function, 10/100 Mb/s LAN, AGP8X and USB 2.0. The P4M800 also boasts lots of ports for peripherals and expansion options. Backed by Mach Speed’s Lifetime Warranty. If you want to build a fast, powerful system with a multitude of multimedia features, opt for this superb Socket 478 motherboard. Backed by Mach Speed's unique Lifetime Warranty, the P4M800 Socket 478 motherboard offers incomparable quality and dependability. Did we mention that this feature-rich board carries an incredibly low price tag? Order now and prepare to build a terrific PC that’s great for home, professional or gaming use. Socket This motherboard features a Socket 478 design. The Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) style socket makes it easy to install and upgrade your processor. Chipset The Matrix P4M800 motherboard is based on the Via P4M800 Northbridge chipset and the Via VT8237 Southbridge chipset. It supports Intel Pentium (up to 3.40GHz; Northwood & Prescott) and Celeron D Processors, with 533MHz Front Side Bus support. Memory Expansion The Matrix P4M800 provides 2 DIMM sockets using 184-pin DDR with a total capacity of up to 2GB. You can install DDR 333/400MHz Memory. AGP Support The Matrix P4M800 provides one 8X/4X AGP slot. AGP 8x (AGP 3.0) the new generation VGA interface specification, this platform delivers enhanced graphics performance with high bandwidth speed up to 2.12GB/s. Allowing users to have a more realistic graphics experiences while gaming or movie watching. IDE The Matrix P4M800 includes built in IDE facilities that supports Ultra DMA 33/66/100. Audio The Matrix P4M800 comes with a Realtek ALC655 audio codec which supports high quality 6-channel audio. Serial ATA Support The Matrix P4M800 supports the Serial ATA technology through the Serial ATA interfaces. The SATA specification allows for thinner, more flexible cables with lower pin count, reduced voltage requirement, and up to 150 MB/s data transfer rate. Specifications: CPU Support:Supports Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D processor. Supports Intel Pentium 4 Northwood/Prescott CPU. Bus Speed: 533MHz/800MHz Expansion Slots: 3 x PCI, 1 x AGP(8X), 1 x CNR Max Memory: Maximum 2GB, 2 x 184-pin DDR 400/333 Chipset: VIA P4M800/VT8237 IDE Controller: 2 x IDE Hard Disk Devices (Support Ultra DMA 33/66/100 Bus Master Modes), 2 x Serial ATA Connectors Additional Features: S3 UniChrome with up to 64MB shared memory, Realtek ALC655 6-Channel AC97 CODEC, VIA VT6103L Integrated 10/100 transceiver.

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