Rat 7 Albino, the high maintenance beauty queen

A Review On: Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse for PC and MAC (CCB437080002/04/1)

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse for PC and MAC (CCB437080002/04/1)

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Pros: Build quality, customization, tracking

Cons: Not worth the price, heavy, sensor is finnicky

After reading a lot of bad press and some good press about the mouse I took a gamble and got it. Initially it took a lot of getting used to and I was intent on returning it to be quite honest, but in time I started to really like it.

First off I'll tackle the topic of debate, the PTE sensor. My understanding is the Albino has a newer run of it than the original Rat7 line, with 1000 or so extra DPI, and I believe this may lead to a better tracking performance. I was able to get it to track on every mouse pad I tried HOWEVER the accuracy was very poor on cloth pads. It stutters and skips pixels when used on cloth and the cursor would jitter while I typed. Furthermore it's EXTREMELY sensitive to dust and hair, making a cloth pad even worse for it. As I said, I was planning on returning it and this was my main reason, only when I bought a hard pad was my opinion changed. I purchased a cheap Rocketfish from Best Buy and it was pretty much night and day difference, with the added bonus I can see every spec of dust on the mouse pad, and clean it preemptively.

That said one issue still remains, I have a habbit of using arcing, slashing movement for horizontal turning. The PTE does NOT handle this well, you need to keep your mouse perfectly aligned along the X and Y axis as you're moving it in order to ensure good traction. This is taking me a while to learn.

You may read that it is necessary to clean the lens with a Qtip, always unplug your mouse before doing this, because if you don't you'll have to unplug and replug is ANYWAY because it ceases to track for some reason, possibly due to the fact that you just invaded its orifice with a Qtip and it doesn't like you anymore.

Now for the adjustments:

When I first got it it took me a while to figure it out, first off the thumb rest is not laterally adjustable. When you screw the thumb rest adjust it goes forward, and out, and when you retract it it does the inverse, coming back and closing in to the side. Due to being loose this misleads customers into believing it's intended you can swing it out, but it will not stay, I don't think this was ever intended and it's not worth stripping the screw that holds it in place to try to tighten it further.

That said it's taken me over 100 hours of use to decide I prefer it in the back position because it ensures I have better ability to maintain the perfect x-y alignment I mentioned that is so necessary for ideal tracking. It also allows me to comfortably reach the precision aim button.

I have average sized hands, my thumb cannot press both the precision aim button and the back button without repositioning.

The palm rest issue is as many have described, I don't think extending it past the first 2 notches (there's 4) is really an option due to wobble and on the 4th notch the tendency of the mouse to tip-up under pressure.

One of the reviews said the pinky rest doesn't have a mouse skate/foot. Mine does, maybe older models didn't. The pinky rest is one of the best features of this mouse and allows you to flare your fingers for a much more relaxed grip.

This mouse is HEAVY even with all the weights removed, weigh this based on your preference. I don't like heavy mice personally, I have all the weights removed.

In summary:
-The PTE laser sensor is not the demon people make it out to be, it's just high maintenance.
-The customization is overstated by advertising but not to be overlooked.
-It's farking heavy
-Side buttons are poorly designed
-Side scroll wheel... it's there and looks nice.


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