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A Review On: Mamba 2012 Elite Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse

Mamba 2012 Elite Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Pros: Responsive buttons, great size, ergonomic grip, coustomizable led

Cons: Defective laser, defective sensitivity controll, lack of detail

I would like to begin by stating that i had no previous experience with razer before purchasing this mouse. I went into this transaction with the hope of receiving a well maid product as everyone had pledged it would be. Instead i received a mouse that ended up disappointing me.

When i first received the mouse i loved it, it felt great in my hands, it responded well, and it was all that razer and all of the others recommending the mouse said it would be. Sadly after having more time to use the mouse i ran into several problems. The first of which was the defective laser, because of this laser i was unable to move the cursor along the z axis. In response i called razer, there solution was to download the drivers. So i did, but nothing fixed it, i tried updating the firmware, using a pc, a mac, anything i could come up with. Still nothing. In addition to the defective laser when i would play games my sensitivity would change thought my doing. The finally problem with the mouse itself was the fact that the glue from the thumb rest began to weaken and smear across my hand when i would play games.

The defects that the mouse suffered from are not the factors making me write this review, but instead the lack of customer service/support. Fine, i have a defective mouse. What do you do, throw it away and hate the company forever for some irrational reason? No, you get it replaced. In my case i sent an email on 9/17/12 and had everything "resolved" by 11/30/12. Why did it take so long some might ask, and the reason is because they "were updating their servers and lost my e-mail". Because of this i had to deal with 3 different people to eventually get my mouse fixed because the second time they lost my email chain they just didn't care and gave no excuse. In the end i got my mouse back, the only problem is that it is a refurbished unit that suffers from the same problems i sent it in for, a defective laser, glue getting on my hands, an the sensitivity problems.

After all of this rambling i would just like to say that i would not recommend razer products not because of the hardware problems, but instead because of the lack of support if you do have the hardware problems. Stick with a company that takes pride in their product and will do anything to make the customer happy like EVGA.

Also i am aware that people experience different levels of support, but this is just mine and i would like people to just be aware and cautious of any product before buying it.


That's rough. I have so many Razer Products... Always been happy with them all...
I am happy with my razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard, but the quality of the product is not everything. Support is another major factor, an example is EVGA, ASUS, MSI and all of the stock 680's. All of them are the same card, but the deciding factor is the support.

P.S I hope you keep having better luck with razer than i do, and if i were to ever buy a razer mouse i would have to go with the deathadder becauseof the lack of glue being used.
Yes DeathAdder is one of their mice I own. It's pretty nice. I also have a Naga and 2 Widow Mechanical Keyboards...and a few other things all quite nice...