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Mayhems Biocide Extreme


Pros: Keeps my distiller water crystal clear, kills any living micro bacteria to prevent from growing in your loop.

Cons: Free PH Test Kit is not the most acurate, base on the color I couldnt determin PH level. I got some good API PH strips from local aquarium store.

Ever since I've started using Mayhems Biocide Extreme which is about 4 months now I have never seen water in my reservoir tube that clear.
This product is very powerful, the pH reading of distilled water that I was preparing for use in my loop was 8.5 and by using only one drop of Mayhems Biocide Extreme the pH off that distilled water have dropped to 6.9, its extremely important that you don't over do it.
I would choose and recommend this product to anyone who wants their systems to be in tip top shape without seen silver coil bouncing in their reservoir tanks.
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Mayhems Biocide Extreme

Mayhems Biocide Extreme is the Ultimate Steriliser for performance water cooling systems. It prevents contamination in the water cooling system, acts as a PH balancer and finally a but not least a de-scale property in order to combat scaling issues. Suitable for use in liquid cooled computers that contain Mayhems dye range. - See more at: http://www.mayhems.co.uk/shop2/biocide-extreme-10ml.html#sthash.72FqsRFJ.dpuf

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