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Mayhems Dye

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[ Epic's ] Mayhem Dye Review

Hello OCN, here i come to thank everyone for your support that's has been give to me (us).Now is my time to give a bit of my 2cent's I may not be the professional but here am smile.gif. Please make this thread constructive and very friendly. I know every person know a bit more then the others. Instead of bad joking or laugh the post above you make it count and help. thumb.gif

I will try to keep this Thread update as much as i can

Since I start help our community in the Plasticizer Problems / Discussion / Gallery Thread Created by: ramkatral ( thanks to him ) I had found myself in dedicate in work with other members in this thread to help reviewing and what tubing are best for us because of the Plasticizer Problem. ramkatral Founder of this Thread had brought to our attention the Plasticizers for he's tubing and as we can see many brands has the cloud film and build up stuff. You can find more info here My review start here post 794.

It all start a long time a go. *bah could we start no so long ago* lol. So It all start a long long LONG time a go "The Lorax" Till Michael (aka Mayhem) started by total accident creating this magic stuff that it is today . :: source :: after couple years back Mayhems had grow he's product such as Coolant, Biocides,Dye and Ultra pure water with innovation day after day. Mayhems has changed the way it look,efficiency and performance that many big company out there had attempted without any success , but Mayhems DID IT and still. All the Reviews and awards ::source:: .All the hard work had paid off.Today's Mayhems is the Trusted water cooling liquid in the market and interweb community like OCN and may others out there.

Lets get down to the business. I know a lot people are very afraid of DYE and Pre-Mixed Coolant.
Reason's: Gunk, Clog, Build up and Crystalize in the blocks and so on... Now I will pass to you a little bit that I know and my experience with DYE and Pre-Mixed Coolant.
I had used many Dye and Coolant brands ( Did I had any problem ? "sure i did" ). have I stopped using the Dye? “No I didn't”. I had switch the brand but the issues were still there the same as everybody else Gunk.Clog.Build up and more worse the crystallization inside the block's.

Did i recommend other brand over Mayhems? "Hell no" ask anyone that has used Mayhems products and still use it, the straight answer is "This is the only Coolant and Dye I put in the loop" . Is this true? "Hell Yeah" Mayhems products is like MedPack in BF3 smile.gif it is pure good stuff to put you back on track it really does the job as is described won't harm your system.

Why do I care so much about it? “because money is green ( at least in US ) but it is no grass that grows in your backyard” that you just collect and go out spending it with bad products, you do work hard for it spend it wiz.

Today’s enthusiastic water cooling I mean everyone that has water loop is "enthusiastic person". We do work hard to buy some nice hardware and in the end you are going to put some crappie "Coolant and Dye that you think is good”? No! don't do it period.

After a month or two you will start to debate with yourself and others members about High temps, low flow,Gunk's and so on. I Had Mayhems Dye Red ( I do love Red ) in my loop for about four to five months i had the Plasticizer Problem but not because of the “Dye or Coolant” because the Tubing Plasticizer issue ::source:: . I had to take down the entire system *Black Hawk Down* :: source :: for a close up inspection "I was going to buy the M-Spector 360™ Tool and Kit just to check 100% inside my radiators". But after I opened my two VGA blocks and my CPU block and used a tiny Flash light to check inside the rad that I was very worried about the crappie stuff it build up.

Luckily the problem was only in the Tubing of all my blocks, rad and res was very clear. No sign of build up stuff or cloud film.Why am I saying it? because a lot people that don't know how Mayhems product are good. It won't Gunk,Clog and won't separate( living residues inside the block ) like other brands does. One word, it does *MAINTAIN* when used with products recomended by Mayhems. If you are affraid of Dye or Pre-mix Coolant, don't be. Mayhems got your back "I mean your Loop" smile.gif . I have 2 system running Mayhems products thumb.gif and the third system is about to be build.

Just to you know:
Mayhems Dyes are the ideal choice for creating a unique color within the customers Water-cooled system. mayhems dye range have been tested so they all work with each other and can be mixed to create any color the user wishes.
Mayhems “Aurora??'' range of liquids are perfect for a myriad of differing computer enthusiasts.
Mayhems new pastel range incorporates many differing technologies into one product, from dyes to Nano fluids and of course a little Mayhems magic.
Mayhems X1 is based on a proprietary blend of refined vegetable extracts that are fully biodegradable and have a very low order of oral toxicity.
Mayhems Biocide Extreme? Kills green water, blue-green algae, slime, scum, mould spores and all types of green algae on contact.
Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 is the cleanest most pure water cooling fluid developed specifically with water cooled PCs in mind. Our Ultra Pure H20 has an electrical conductivity mark of less than 0.05µS or approx 0.05 PPM at source.

I think I had already spoken too much, but anyways if you have a loop and want to use some nice and fascinate product use Mayhems.It does offer everything you need to your loop
and pocket. you can read more about the products and specifications just visit the website link and they do have Wiki link smile.gif Saved for last: Mayhems Chameleon is a new coolant
being developed by Mayhems that uses heat to change the color of the coolant. i will going to put my hand on on this soon.

Well, now it is time for some nice colored pictures hope you guys enjoy it as much I did.
Mayhems Dye Yellow | Purple | Blue | 10ml a bottle. each wine glass has 220ml of Distilled water + 3 Drop's of Mayhems Dye. if you want the same color in your loop you must know how much ml you loop take and do the calculation.

Mayhems Dye Red | Orange | 10ml a bottle. each wine glass has 220ml of Distilled water + 3 Drop's of Mayhems Dye.The last picture have 3 Drops of Dye each picture was taken after one drop at the time.if you want the same color in your loop you must know how much ml your loop take and do the calculation.

Mayhems UV Dye Red | Orange | 10ml a bottle. each wine glass has 220ml of Distilled water + 6 Drop's of Mayhems UV Dye. The last picture have 3 Drops of UV Dye. If you want the same color in your loop you must know how much ml your loop take and do the calculation.
I wish I had Gallons of this stuff and a huge glass water tank just to put drop by drop and watch this all day. as you can see it is glow even without a UV light.

Final thoughts:
Mayhems Dye | UV have a great coloring and the concentrate are very good. With 10ml of Dye you can have many loops filled with this extraordinary color and it does shine any Water loop system. price and quality is excellent you do receive what you pay for.

Performance: If you are running water loop and have followed the rules by using a X1 concentrate with DI water or Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 you will have a full performance of Mayhems Dye | UV | Pastel Coolants |because all products of Mayhems has the compatibility to work with other. thumb.gif

My next review will be Mayhems Patel Ice White. thumb.gif


Nice review and pictures. However, I'm still unclear. Do these clog your loops? From what you said it sounds like they don't but I couldn't completely tell.
Great review, I am very curious to see what the X1 UV Blue looks like in my soon to be completed rebuild.
tombom this is the only save DYE in the market you cannot go wrong. trust me I know this
ginger_nuts, thanks for you comment and please send me the work log i do love to see you X1 UV Blue running
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