MDPC-X sleeve

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MDPC-X sleeve

This is the sleeve that perfectionists use for a perfectly sleeved system as you have seen so often on and in beautiful systems all over the world. Most of the systems which stand out since 2008 - when MDPC started it all - are sleeved with MDPC, because it simply fulfills my MDPC-Philosophy that so many share: No compromise! This philosophy has no place for the "fool yourself and others" systems with pre-sleeved extensions, which look "cool" through the window ... but once you open up the system, you find the hidden mess of the standard PSU cables connected to the extensions. No ... MDPC is for people who strive for uncompromising systems, uncompromising materials and results with nothing to hide. No compromise in quality and specifications: Industrial standard products are not good enough for MDPC. Slight adjustments here and there result in "the MDPC difference" that is a class of its own. Others might get close, but not on par in the combined aspects of sleeve- and heatshrink quality. MDPC Sleeve is not too big (making your cables look fat like a sausage), not too small - just perfectly right and extremely easy to work with. Of course, this is no dust-collecting and "hairy" textile/fabric/cotton sleeve aka "shoe-lace" material, which is horrible to work with and where the result has no rigidity. The spot-on MDPC rigidity is needed to perfectly compose your wires into a wonderful "flow of curves", a visual piece of art.

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