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Metro 2033

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Metro 2033

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Pros: Excellent Graphics, Smooth Gameplay, Great sound, Cheap to buy

Cons: Repetitive, Hardware Intesive


Metro 2033 is a Post-apocalyptic FPS game, based in the Metro of Moscow in Russia. You play as the character Artyom and meet a few people who help you along the way. There are quite a few missions, and the overall game of is very fluent.


The Graphics of this game are insanely good. The shadows are great, the darkness and overall atmosphere are both excellent too. When you end up going outside the lighting, rustling, snow and ice all makes it a wonderful experience. The one problem is that this game is very hardware intensive, especially with DX11 and 4XMSAA on.

The controls are very good and are easy to use even set to default controls. There are a few extra keys required for things like your Universal charger and Gas-mask. When you hold R you can change the ammo in your assault rifle, or Charge the air-cylinder in air weapons.

The storyline is pretty simple and is easy to follow, and you cannot get lost in this game. There are a few levels but to be honest, for me, after 40hours of gameplay I'm getting a little bored of this game, but I still use it for those odd days, and for GPU testing.


Overall Metro 2033 is an amazing game. It has a strong story, great graphics and great sound.

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40 hours?

Did you play through it 6 times?
No, about 10 times so far.
Didn't like this game that much... Artyom went outside in the last half of the book, in this game you have to do this in the beginning...
Actually you end up going outside about halfway through the game.
downloading this game now, with a 2500k @ 4.6 and 2 680's in SLI I should be able to run this game maxed smoothly?
Mertro 2033 is the best visual game and has one of the best story lines in my opinion.
great game!! only problem is the poorly optimized smoke effects but w/e
Superb game, only minus is extreme hardware requiments.
I for one wish there were more PC games with such high hardware requirements, so that is a massive plus. It's about time developers started making games that take advantage of powerful hardware, instead of making console ports that look the same whether you play it on a new PC or one from 4 years ago.
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