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Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster

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Pros: Better than canned air

Cons: Gets pretty hot when using for a long time

This is a must have buy for any computer enthusiast. This thing will blow out dust in the most obscure places and make your case look brand new. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area as dust will go everywhere. The datavac is one of of those things that will pay for itself in the many years that you will use it. I highly recommend it!


Pros: powerful, several nozzle attachment, ease of use

Cons: loud, gets really warm after prolonged use

I'd walked into a local Compusa store with the intentions of buying canned air to clean out my computer case. the canned air was $29.99 for a 3 pk and $9.99 for a single lousy can of air. I'd seen the Metro DataVac online but never in a retail store. Well, that day Compusa had it on the shelves on sale $49.99 and I've never regretted buying one that day. It's more than paid for itself.


Pros: Powerful, reusable

Cons: Loud!, gets hot

Truly awesome. Very powerful, won't harm components, comes with a variety of nozzles (for which kind of air flow you'd like). Great investment for dust cleaning!


Pros: Very powerful, small, simple to carry

Cons: Loud!, gets very hot quickly

I use this thing at least once a week to clean my PC. I'm running a tech bench 24/7 and was going through compressed air cans non-stop. This solved that problem.

It is very loud, I brought it to work to clean out my PC there, and everyone was staring at me like a psycho wink.gif

If you use it for more then a few minutes it gets very hot! So don't burn your self, or use it in short bursts.


Pros: Very powerful, effective, compact

Cons: Heat, noise

I've never been a fan of compressed air in a tin, why buy air when it's all around me? Besides, i can fart with more force than those things. In my view, they are (and always have been) an utter waste of money. The Datavac further shows me why this is true.

So i've owned this thing for a good month and, as you'd expect, this is a very good product - definitely one of my best purchases to date. I was actually surprised to get hold of one within the UK. It can be a rare find but yes, they are available here if you look hard enough.

Anyhoo, I'll start with the pro's first:


Powerful and versatile, it comes with a number of nozzles for each task at hand. Of course, it's not a necessity as even without any attachment it would still blast out any and all dust in sight as it's incredibly strong. Does exactly what it says on the tin and more. It's especially good at cleaning out crud within keyboard keys with the right nozzle.

It's also small, which makes it portable and easy to use with one hand.


There's a few here, firstly:

1.it gets hot very fast. This largely depends upon the kind of attachment you use and, obviously, the length of time that you use it. It'll get hotter quicker the more restrictive a nozzle you put on it, which is perfectly understandable. It's certainly not enough to cause any real concern as you shouldn't be using it continuously for long periods anyway. At most i'll have it running for a minute or two and even on the most smallest nozzle it still only gets mildly warm.

2. Noise. To be expected really, so not a big issue.

3. I'd like to have adjustable power. This isn't a big deal but it would've been nice to have a little slider/knob to change the speed of the motor. Also, because of the huge amount of air it throws out you will find you'll be cleaning the filter at the bottom of the vacuum quite regularly.

In particularly dusty environments it wouldn't surprise me if it would require a quick clean after each use - but that just shows how effective this little tool is. The filter is also easily removed and cleaned.

I could also mention the pricetag as you could argue it's a bit steep, but this is such a great little tool it really does justify the price. Although it's steep pricetag is largely because i live in Ripoff Britain.

Overall, you can't beat this product. A definite buy for anyone who regularly maintains PC's, and i'm sure this thing would have many more uses outside the computer environment.


Pros: Powerful, efficient, lots of tools

Cons: Gets hot quickly, loud

I received this for my birthday a couple weeks ago and it has quickly become my favorite tool in the house. The powerful (500W) motor makes quick work of loose dust through the case and on components. The blower also comes with several attachments, the best of which is the brush. A small brush on the end of the "straw" attachment will loosen the "caked on" dust and blow it away while it's at it! All my fans and components look, and run, like brand new. Great for cleaning fans! A must buy for any enthusiast.thumb.gif


Pros: very powerful, small, well built

Cons: Loud

it blows away canned air in comparison wink.gif

i love this thing ! its small, well built, very powerful and it never runs out biggrin.gif it is a bit loud though.

well worth the money


Pros: Great pressure, infinite use, air filter, well built

Cons: Loud, gets hot after prolonged use, large/heavy

This little blower is a wonderful alternative to the canned air we usually buy to blow away dust. It costs a bit more up front but there is no loss in pressure during use and it never runs it. It comes with a decently long cord and feels very solid in your hand. From what I can gather, you are essentially holding a motor attached to a blower fan. It is built for one purpose and that is to move air.

The blower is rather loud; I'd say it is 30% louder than your average vacuum, though that may be because your face is probably pretty close to it. It can also get rather warm after a few minutes of use, at least warm enough to be uncomfortable. There is a small piece of foam filter in the bottom that works fine and is easily removed for cleaning.

The amount of air this moves is much more than a can of air. It comes with a few different nozzles but I haven't really used them. Another big advantage over canned air is that you can use this upside down with no ill effects. As it is just a blower motor, orientation is irrelevant so no more freezing your parts on accident.

Overall, this thing is a great little device. You'll never need to buy compressed air again for home use but remember that this won't work well in any public settings like an office or store. It is very loud. But if you are tired of buying canned air and don't mind the noise, better pick one up.


Pros: Powerful, useful, compact

Cons: Loud

I used this besides just dusting my PC. When I was modding my case and cutting it I used it to blow the dust and everything else away. I use it to clean lots of things very quickly.
Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster

BindingTools & Home Improvement
BrandMetro Vacuum
FeatureWeights 2.75 pounds, 12-foot power cord
Height4.5 inches
Length6 inches
Weight20 pounds
Width11 inches
LabelMetro Vacuum
List Price$82.50
ManufacturerMetro Vacuum
Package Quantity1
Product GroupHome Improvement
Product Type NameHARDWARE
PublisherMetro Vacuum
StudioMetro Vacuum
TitleMetro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster
Number Of Items1
Product Type Subcategorycompressed-air
Size500 watt
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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