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Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A

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It is worth noting that this mouse is also very convenient for work, since it is very clear that the palm rest on the mouse, while the arm feels comfortable and resting during work or games. To type my essay today became easier and I do it quicker. Not an unimportant moment - the quality of the optics in this mouse at an altitude, there is no sagging or sticking in the cursor in the game or work, so the cursor itself does not run off in the side of the monitor when the mouse is raised, as is the case with other analogues of mouse for gamers. Side buttons on the mouse will help you speed up the process of work and also comfort, in games on these side buttons you can bind various actions, for example: Switch weapons forward-back; Rotations 180 degrees left-right and so on. The scroll is well set and does not scroll or fails.


Pros: Cheap, good sensor, Buttons 4 & 5 are on opposite sides of the mouse

Cons: Impossible to find new

It may be old. It may be ugly, but the Sensor on these still work great!

Additionally, Mouse Buttons 4 and 5 are on opposing sides of the mouse, which while some people may not like, I absolutely adore, and I cannot find this setup on a single other mouse out there. That alone makes this mouse for me. But it also has a great quality sensor, and the shape is just about perfect.

Only major downside is that they are all but impossible to find now, you pretty uch have to buy them used off ebay or somesuch, since they don't exist new anymore.
Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A

A veritable infestation of Intellimice! The Intellimouse optical 1.1A mouse offers precise, responsive cursor movement, and smooth tracking thanks to optical technology. Five customizable buttons, and an ambidextrous, ergonomic grip make it easy and comfortable to use. Each button can be programmed for a different action in each software application you set it up for, so you get the features and functions you use most right at your fingertips!

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