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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Indestructible, Comfortable, Responsive

Cons: Only comes in one color.

I've used this keyboard for years (over 10!) on several builds and have never found one that is as dependable or comfortable. I have three of these (Gaming rig, HTPC, and Office PC) and all I have ever had to do with them is occasional cleaning. I've tried numerous other boards but always come back to old faithful. I do run a wireless on my HTPC on the coffee table but when I actually do any work on the rig it's back the real deal.
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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

The Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite A11-00337 is a high-performance keyboard that gives you both comfort and reliable performance. The ergonomic design of this keyboard lets your hands and wrists fall naturally, easing strain from long use. Its distinct arch shape and integrated palm rests that let you rest your hands properly as you work. The keys are strategically placed and provide easy location of commonly-used keys. This keyboard lets you easily run programs, go online, and play multimedia clips. It offers USB or PS/2 dual connectivity options. Clad in soft off-white, it provides a soft, pleasing look to your desk. Made strong enough for years of use, this is an excellent value! Mouse Included: No Palm Rest: Integrated Normal Keys: 104 Operating System Supported: Windows 3.1 or later, Windows NT Workstation or Server version 3.51 or later, Microsoft MS-DOS version 3.1 or later Features: comfortable keyboard that complements your desktop and fits your digital lifestyle. Its ergonomic design and dynamic features let you easily navigate music and video clips, surf the Web, start programs, and much more. Package Contents: Natural Keyboard Elite PS/2 To USB Adapter User Manual Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited

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