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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Operating Systems


Pros: Good value, simple, powerflu features, compatible with almost everything

Cons: not free

It boots up in 9 seconds off my ssd. Works flawlessly, what more is there to say? I chose this over windows 8, and I definitely do not regret it one bit. My dad had this spare copy lying around in his office, so I tried it to see if he activation code was still good, and voila! Here I am, using it this moment!thumb.gif


Pros: Fast, Light, huge compatibility with hardware, immense support, a huge amount of programs available, customizable up to a point

Cons: Not free, not Open source

Ease of Use: Due to the familiarity of Windows OSes, as well as the intuitive start menu and taskbar, Windows 7 is very easy to use for novices and power users alike. The Plug N' Play feature which automatically installs the driver of a plugged in device is an example of how intuitive the OS is.

Speed: Windows 7 is a very fast operating system, and huge improvement over Vista. Through maintaining the system's hard discs and registry, I've not noticed any speed changes since the first install of the Windows.

Stability: The stability of Windows 7 is great, and I've never had issues with it.

Ecosystem: Being compatible with previous programs released on older re-incarnations of Windows, as well as having the support of Microsoft have resulted in Windows 7 having a very rich ecosystem of professional and productivity apps, as well as games. W7 is also compatible with a huge range of hardware. Indeed the ecosystem of Windows is unsurpassed, and unchallenged in the computer world.

Configurability: Windows 7 is definitely configurable and can be changed and adjusted up to a good point. However, this does not even come close to the versatility of some Linux distros.

It's a great OS, I got it at launch, and it's still an absolute pleasure to use.


Pros: Great value for the $

Cons: None

Windows 7 Pro is a great value for the $. I got mine free from my university though MSDNAA. I love the system image feature and all the other windows 7 features. This OS is a great leap forward from Vista that is for sure.


Pros: Has many features not in lower versions, clean, well priced

I have fallen in love with Windows 7. Windows 7 Pro seems to me to have the best balance of features and price. I would recommend this version. See this chart for a comparison of versions: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/compare

This is also the version you will find most often through student discount programs and other software promotions.
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

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FeatureEasily create a home network and connect your PCs to a printer with HomeGroup
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PublisherMicrosoft Software
Release Date2009-10-22
StudioMicrosoft Software
TitleMicrosoft Windows 7 Professional
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