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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

50% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Operating Systems


Pros: It works as it should.

Cons: Price

Rock stable! Never had a problem with Windows 7 Ultimate.
Considering that anyone serious about gaming must use Windows, Windows 7 Ultimate has performed as advertised and never let me down. People who prefer Linux and write there review based on that preference are missing the point. I wouldn't review an SUV and criticize it for not cornering like my S2000. Each are designed with a different purposes in mind even though both essentially provide transportation. This product is delivering what it supposed to deliver, reliable Windows performance. I am no fan of the price but I can't complain about how the product functions. It just plain works.


Pros: Runs smoothly and reliably, easy to use.

Cons: Price, installation size.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the highest end package of Windows 7. With 64bit version you have support for a massive 192GB of system memory along with all windows 7 features. Something I'd expect for a product carrying this price.

Compatibility for Windows 7 is good, it will run on almost all systems given you meet the system requirements. I've run it on several different systems along with Windows 8 and it performs and functions just fine. For slower systems there are several options to disable some of the eye candy features so let it run more smoothly.

I had no trouble installing and running all of the games I own run. There are games that may not perform so well, the sims 2 or fallout 3 for example. Many older games work too like Age of empires, Return to castle wolfeinstein and I even managed to run The elder scrolls: Daggerfall on Dosbox. This makes it a good options for those out there that enjoy modern releases, but would like to enjoy games from back in the day as well.

The stability is very good. I've never had a blue screen of death caused from anything other than unstable overclocking. Experiencing crash to desktop in games was very rare although I'd like to see that problem solved entirely, as I find nothing worse than being immersed in a game just to have it crash and possibly require restarting the computer.

Windows 7 performs very quickly and smoothly. Running on an SSD saw incredibly access times, allowing applications and the OS to boot more than quickly enough to satisfy me.

All in all this is the highest end SKU of windows 7 you can buy, but it's not necessarily worth the price. For those out there who just need a decent operation system to run their games and applications, and don't need support for huge amounts of memory and honestly not so useful features, windows 7 home or professional will be a better way to go.


Pros: It plays games and runs on my computer (most of the time)

Cons: The famous BSOD, among other instabilities and minor annoyances

The only reason I have this on my computer is binary compatibility. If I could run all of my games under Linux, this I wouldn't own a copy of Windows.


Pros: BitLocker Ready

Cons: Not worth the price considering previous versions available

It is Windows Ultimate. There's nothing higher.
The best of the best.

My opinion: I use Windows ultimate solely because of the name and to take advantage of BitLocker security.

I give it only 2 flames because having Bitlocker doesn't justify the extra cost.
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate GLC-00182 122

FeatureHelp protect data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker
Hardware PlatformPc
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height1.13 inches
Length7.5 inches
Weight0.3 pounds
Width5.38 inches
LabelMicrosoft Software
List Price$319.99
ManufacturerMicrosoft Software
Operating SystemWindows
Package Quantity1
PlatformWindows 7
Product GroupSoftware
Product Type NameSOFTWARE
PublisherMicrosoft Software
Release Date2009-10-22
StudioMicrosoft Software
TitleMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Number Of Items1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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