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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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Pros: Runs smoothly and reliably, easy to use.

Cons: Price, installation size.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the highest end package of Windows 7. With 64bit version you have support for a massive 192GB of system memory along with all windows 7 features. Something I'd expect for a product carrying this price.

Compatibility for Windows 7 is good, it will run on almost all systems given you meet the system requirements. I've run it on several different systems along with Windows 8 and it performs and functions just fine. For slower systems there are several options to disable some of the eye candy features so let it run more smoothly.

I had no trouble installing and running all of the games I own run. There are games that may not perform so well, the sims 2 or fallout 3 for example. Many older games work too like Age of empires, Return to castle wolfeinstein and I even managed to run The elder scrolls: Daggerfall on Dosbox. This makes it a good options for those out there that enjoy modern releases, but would like to enjoy games from back in the day as well.

The stability is very good. I've never had a blue screen of death caused from anything other than unstable overclocking. Experiencing crash to desktop in games was very rare although I'd like to see that problem solved entirely, as I find nothing worse than being immersed in a game just to have it crash and possibly require restarting the computer.

Windows 7 performs very quickly and smoothly. Running on an SSD saw incredibly access times, allowing applications and the OS to boot more than quickly enough to satisfy me.

All in all this is the highest end SKU of windows 7 you can buy, but it's not necessarily worth the price. For those out there who just need a decent operation system to run their games and applications, and don't need support for huge amounts of memory and honestly not so useful features, windows 7 home or professional will be a better way to go.


If you haven't had a single bluescreen, you're on the wrong forum =D
We really need a SP2 pack. The windows updates are getting rather large now. It is really needed at this point and time. Thanks
Well, I have had a couple BSOD's but only caused from unstable overclocks.
Why not just a home oem for 1/3 for price? The differance is minimal. 'Dosnt take too much resources'? Buddy go run linux for a bit see if you still think windows 7 ultimate is light. Heck run xp- thou better then vista 7s still a hog.
I smell a Linux fanboy in the air.
Yes of chrose i am. But if your buying windows i cant really see why youd pay extra for the 'ultament' one. Its like buying a 3960x over a 3930k. No real point. Explain to me, what makes ultament worth the extra $200?
Well, you get the top version, it's has the best name and it gives your bragging rights. And it is sooo much better than Linux.
'better' is subjective.
Windows is preferable for gaming (basically required). It's also more noob friendly for general computer usage, but linux based systems can browse the web and edit documents just as well and usually with more customization. Windows is also preferred for most workstations because it has more "official support", as do the application which run on it.
Linux however is far superior when it come to server solutions. I freaking hate windows servers, complete junk.

As to windows 7 ultimate... get professional or home. Read
Bit locker is useless, so the only reason to get ultimate is for languages. It doesn't give you bragging rights, at least not anyone computer savvy.
oh, and windows 7 is terrible btw. It just happens to be better than any of the other crap out right now. It's kind of like politicians, they're all bad so you pick the least bad. An ideal OS would have the customization of linux with the user friendly, low maintenance of windows.
Could be a hell of a lot stabler too. Maybe you don't get bluescreen for reasons other than ocing, but I sure do (ever tried to use the drive partitioner in windows? or system restore? or even just a random system update that stops your computer from starting.)
Quote:Pros: Better than Linux
You obviously have not tried Linux. Aside from having the monopoly on games, what could windoze ever have better than Linux?
Quote:Cons: Quite big
I think you forgot a few:

After so many releases, MS still hasn't figured out how to make a virus free product and they never will. So you need anti-virus running in the background, anti-malware, defragging, and who hasn't needed to reformat every year or so? windoze will always get slower and slower no matter how much you think you can maintain it and you will eventually need to reformat it and start over again.

I've had Linux for 8 years now and it gets faster all the time. The only time I reformatted it is because it was on the same drive as windoze.

Are your drivers up to date? What about your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and registry cleaner? You NEVER have to worry about that crap with Linux.
Quote:Cons: Price
No s**t dude! But if you want to pay big money for a bloated, unsafe, unreliable OS, then be my guess.
Gaming is the ONLY thing that windoze can do better than Linux and that is slowly changing with WINE, Code Weavers, and Play-On-Linux.
You say windoze is better than Linux? Give me one, JUST ONE thing (outside of gaming) that windoze does better than Linux?
It does EVERYTHING better than Linux.
Oh, and I love that link you posted, I see at the bottom it says "Reason's not to go with Linux" and one of them is... IF Your a Hardcore Gamer. That's the reason I bought a PC, therefore Linux to ME is not good at all.
Why is everyone a fan boy? Both have advantages... you choose whichever fits your needs. It's like arguing over whether pie tastes better than steak.
I like Steak and Cheese pie!
sliced is right, I can be a bit of an Ubuntu fan boy sometimes.
All that aside, you did a great review. :thumbs up:
IMO the best all-round OS available. Not that I think that most people get any justifiable benefits from running the ultimate edition. Only reason I run ultimate, instead of e.g. home premium, on my main rig, is that my employer gave away free personal licences to all employees.
Windows 7, virus free product? What? Windows 7 doesn't come with viruses, and Microsoft works much harder at preventing viruses than other OS, its just people target Windows more. A good example is the latest Mac virus. Microsoft patched it months ago, and Macs were left to die.