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Mionix NAOS 5000 Laser Mouse and testing

A Review On: Mionix NAOS 5000 Laser Mouse

Mionix NAOS 5000 Laser Mouse

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Pros: all around outstanding mouse,comfort, build quality

Cons: cost

Mionix Naos 5000 mouse review and testing

After looking for a new gaming mouse and spending several days reading reviews, watching videos and getting gamers suggestions I decided on the Mionix NAOS 5000 Mouse.

Coming from the Logitech MX518 The Mionix NAOS 5000 is a true pleasure to hold. Fits my large 8" hand(measured from wrist to finger tips) perfectly.

This is a Palm or finger tip grip mouse. (Claw type users would be better suited with another mouse.)


Mionix has done a fantastic job of making a better mouse the ergonomics of the mouse fit the whole hand with near perfect feel with a smooth rubber texture covering the whole mouse I don't see it slipping in the heat of battle with sweaty hands.

now a little about the layout of the mouse on the left side you will find the forward and back buttons #4&5 buttons which are easy to press with your thumb and a "wing" to hold your thumb off the mat and feels natural.and in perfect position with a nice solid button press with along with the 3 DPI LEDs showing what DPI setting you have selected in the front of the forward button and easy to see.


On the top of the mouse you will find buttons #1 & #2,left click/right click that are a little easier to press then other mice and have the (Omron D2FC-N-7N micro-switches)I have tried in the past and feel solid and take little effort in pressing and easy to double tap.

#3 The Scroll wheel that rolls buttery smooth with out a clicking noise of other mice and is also adjustable speeds from 1-6 and full page scrolling below the Scroll wheel you will find the #6 & #7 DPI up & down buttons that are stepped and take a little effort to reach and probably the one thing I would change about the mouse maybe locating them on the right side "wing" and could be pressed with your ring finger having to remove your left click finger from the button to adjust on the fly but much easier to select then the MX518 and will probably suit most users and this is hunting for something to change in a near perfect mouse


The right side there is a wing that supports your right ring finger and little finger on a wing to keep them of the mat or surface


I found using all the weights a little heavy for my liking and opted to use only 6 of the included 8-5gm weights you are able to add weights to either side but not front to rear as pictured.


after reading many review the biggest complaint Ive found is the Prediction of the (Avago ADNS-A9500) sensor With that being said its no worse and in my usage has less then the Logitech MX518
Ive used for several years and honestly its hard for myself and most non pro gamers to notice If I was to guess maybe 2-3% at best

The software.

The new version is 1.16 and fully supports 64bit operating systems. In the software you will find a full list of options.

Mouse settings: button config to remap any button on the mouse,including profiles,assign recorded game macros,double click speed,scroll speed,pointer Acceleration (3 settings)or off and Polling Rate 125hz/250hz/500hz/1000hz


Sensor Performance: DPI settings 1-3, X-axis / Y-axis adjustable from 90-5040 together or independently, Pointer speed 1-10, Lift distance, and a cool little tool known as the
Surface Quality Analyzer does just as the name states.. analyzes your mouse surface from poor to excellent I tested 3 surfaces Steelseries Diablo3 Qck mousepad,Custom keyboard tray made from 3/4' Oak plywood with a coat of clear urethane, and the desk top with the Steelseries Qck being the worst with little better then acceptable,Desk top in the good range, and the custom keyboard tray maxing out the scale above excellent. I will review this a little more in testing


Color settings: Change colors of the LEDS with a choice of 24 colors or turn them off all together or turn on just one.


Macro Settings:this is the part of the software Ive not messed around with much but your able to record full macros as well as delay recording for longer strings.


and the last tab is the support tab updates Software/ firmware(drivers)/ online support

This prominent gaming mouse is named after the star Naos, a blue super giant and one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. Naos means “ship” and is enough powerful to create comet tails and huge clouds of auroras visible from Earth.
Naos is constantly moving away from its original position in the constellation of Vela and it spins about 100 times faster than our sun. Since its birth it has covered a distance of 400 light-years.
No one knows exactly why Naos has such a high rotation speed, but an explanation to this phenomenon lies in the gravitational interaction between many other stars.

A passioned hunt for perfection has come to an end. Mionix Naos 5000 has seen its first light of day. Get ready to meet a gaming mouse with an incredible ergonomic comfort and stunning technology that offers an
outstanding gaming experience. Mionix Naos 5000 features a new innovative weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution of the mouse, carefully selected high-end components and leading laser technology.
Stunning features such as adjustable lift-distance, 5 onboard profiles, extensive macro settings and customizable LED-lights give you the opportunity to customize the mouse exactly to your liking.

• Truly ergonomic design
Truly ergonomic design with support for all five fingers
• Maximum grip
The rubber coating ensures a maximum grip
• Balanced weight tuning system
A unique weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution
• 5040 dpi laser sensor
Remarkable tracking performance built for gaming
• 128kb built-in memory
Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into one of the 5 profiles
• Customizable LED light system
Personalize your mouse with extensive color options
• S.Q.A.T™ - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
Surface Quality Analyzer tool to measure the tracking quality on a certain surface
• 3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment
Set 3 dpi values and switch easily between them in-game
• 7 programmable buttons
The buttons can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro
• In-game profile switch
Switch easy with a click between stored profiles in-game
• Adjustable polling rate
Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software
• Plug n Play
Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration

130.84x84.72x38.67 mm / 5.15x3.33x1.52 in
Netto (w/o cable): 106 gr
Netto (cable incl.): 158 gr
Weight tuning: up to 40 gr

• 5040 dpi gaming laser sensor
• S.Q.A.T™ - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
• Adjustable lift distance
• 1 ms response time
• 12 000 frames/sec
• Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (150 ips)
• 10.6 megapixels/sec image processing
• Acceleration: 30 g
• True 16-bit data path

• Mionix Naos 5000 laser gaming mouse
• Get started guide
• Weight box
• 8 weights (5 grams)

And now a little testing....

as stated earlier in the review I did some testing on different surfaces. the custom keyboard tray was the best but being slick it was a little harder to control but offered the best results as far as surface analyzer was concerned


the desktop was a little worse but still offered good results


and with the Steelseries diablo3 Qck cloth mousepad


some have stated that cloth mousepads remove the prediction, the mouse was far easier to control but I have always used a cloth pad and just find it easier to use and as far as gaming had no issues with control or the mouse loosing track and had no issue with liftoff when needed to reposition the mouse.

here are a couple Test I ran to compare Resolution and diagnosis,precision for these test I used Enotus Mouse test and Mouse rate checker. what I was looking for was Mionix software vs 3rd party software on hard vs cloth surfaces.
1st up is the hard surface testing and results


here we see that the hard keyboard tray has better resolution and precision but worse speed compared to the cloth pad below

and here are the cloth tested results


here are a couple pictures comparing the Logitech MX518 vs Mioinx Naos 5000 for size and sensor placement
they are almost the same length but you can see how wide the Miniox is both sensors are almost dead center



Overall Im very happy with the purchase of the Mionix Naos 5000 the software was easy to use and worked flawless for me and I gave it 4.5 flames sice I was unable to use the mouse at 5040DPI I found it very hard to game or do day to day task such as browsing since the speed was crazy fast, I bought the 5000 over the 3200 since it was the same price and had better options in the software and was a little more customizable in the end.


Seems to be an underappreciated mouse. I freaking love this thing. Good review
I have the 3200 and thats also a deccent,well built mouse.

I had a Roccat Kone+ and it died on me,my Naos3200 has a rubber coating like the Kone+ but the Kone+ rubbed off after about 3-4months of use,the Naos still looks like it came out the box after 3 months.
Thanks guys...xPrestonn yes it seems under-appreciated because some say it has prediction and I think others are afraid of the price tag and they don't have a big marketing campaign like others.

Superj1977 I looked at the Roccat closely also and your comment as you stated here in another thread turned away seems your not the only one with the issue after doing a little more research
I have it too, but don't use it anymore. The laser sensor is just too bad for a low sens gamer like me. I still love the shape and quality though, whish they'd ship it with the G400's sensor. That would be perfect.
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