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Mionix NAOS 8200 000MIO8200M Black Wired Laser Mouse

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Mice


Pros: Large Size, and Ergonomics.

Cons: Software is not quite right.

To start this off, I've owned 3 gaming mice; a 2013 Razer Deathadder, and a Corsair M65. This DOES NOT make me an expert in gaming mice, nor does it mean my issues will be the same or bother you to the same extent. But a light preface to this purchase was, I got sick of my Corsair M65's short length which required me to use a "claw" grip while gaming. I can say coming from both the Razer and Corsair, this mouse is in another class when it comes to ergonomics. The shape is downright perfect in my hand, leaves me with no hand cramps and is fairly easy to lift, requiring only minimal adjustment to your grip ( applying more inward pressure with your thumb and pinky/ring finger) The ergonomics alone make this mouse my ABSOLUTE favorite ever and I will most likely buy a future revision if this one was to ever break. But its not without it's faults. The mouse software is buggy, as in when you close out of it you cannot go back in or at least through the shortcut on the desktop. The only other minor gripe I have with the mouse is its very light, not extremely, but to the extent where I wish it had a little more weight to it to make it feel a little more sold in the hand. It's not the build quality that makes me fell that way, its just I don't quite trust the plastic and feel that over time and travel it will end it something breaking. But that's the case with most mice. TLDR: Great mouse, amazing grip, less than ideal software, and a little cheap feeling but probably nothing. Would recommend to anyone with larger hands and or palm grip gamers alike! thumb.gif

**Edit: So its been around 8 months since my purchase, and around 2 months since writing this review, and I've noticed that the mouse does not track well on cloth mouse pads on very low dpi, around 800dpi and lower. The mouse jitters on the x axis when being moved. This is likely caused by the sensor not reading the cloth mouse pad properly(registered around 30%). Tried the mouse on multiple mouse pads, Razer Goliathus, steel series QCK+, and a Logitec g440 hard mouse pad, and found that only on the hard mouse pad did the sensor read properly, registering around 80-90% in the mouse software. After switching to the hard mouse pad the mouse worked perfectly. But because of my finicky and borderline obsessive mouse preferences in performance, I have retired this mouse. I will be keeping it for general reference for ergonomics and personally will make it my benchmark for how good ergonomics a mouse can have. I have changed to a Logitech G502 as my replacement mouse and will do a review on that when I get more acquainted with the mouse. Still the Naos 8200, just wish it tracked better on cloth mouse pads. Not worth adjusting my score because mouse pad preference is really personal. Still highly recommend this mouse! **


Pros: Shape, build quality

Cons: slight jitter and acceleration


Compared to the naos 5000, nothing much has changed. This is a good thing since it was great in every aspect, except arguably maybe the sensor.

So what is new?

- 8200dpi avago 9800 sensor, unlike previous products with the Avago 9800 sensor, the naos 8200 supposedly don't have problems with delay.
- 32-bit ARM processor
- Customizable LED lighting system
- The gimmicky weight system has been removed
- A new cord? Or that might just be me

Again, nothing much has changed but again, this is a good thing!

If you own a Mionix mouse or previously have owned one there are not many changes so just skip this part.

Here's a list of the different things you can do with the software.


Mouse Settings
Here you assign different commands to the buttons, change the double click speed, scrolls speed, add acceleration(from off-slow-medium-high) and change the polling rate.

Sensor Performance
Here you can change the dpi options, with options to have different settings for the X and Y-axis, change the windows sensitivity, change the lift off distance with 32 increments and analyze the surface.

Color Settings
Here you can turn the LED's on and off, and if you chose selective, you can assign which of the four sections is on as well. On the right you can set it to color shift, which makes it constantly shift between colors, or you can select between 20 preconfigured colors or make up your own with 16.8 million options. At the bottom right you can change the LED effects from solid, blinking, pulsating to breathing.

Macro Settings
Where you can create your own macro's.

FAQ, product registration, support and downloads.

The only flaw I could find with the software is, when you install it, it will set the windows sensivity to 7/11 which will give pixel skipping and ruin your accuracy. This can easily be changed though, by changing the sensivity in the software to 5 instead of 6

The software only use 34mb of memory which is low

The shape and dimensions are exactly the same as before. I'm not too sure about the weight though, my guess is the weight is around 99-103g without cable. It feels slightly lighter than the Deathadder 2013 which is 104-105g

Size: 130.84×84.72×38.67 mm / 5.15×3.33×1.52 in
Weight : ? probally 99-103g

The shape is strictly for palmgrip, and can work for clawgrip too but I wouldn't recommend it. The shape is simply AMAZING and is definately the most comfortable gaming mouse I have ever tried. If I had to describe the shape it would be taking some clay, and then forming it to fit perfectly ergonomically with support for all fingers.

Another great thing about the shape is all the buttons are easily reached, including the dpi buttons.

The dpi buttons, as well as the LED's that show what level of dpi you are on, are both easily seen.


The Mionix naos 8200 uses the new avago 9800, which is basicly the replacement of the older avago 9500 used in the naos 5000, as well as most gaming mice till recenty. Many people have been complaining about delay the avago 9800 sensor, but Mionix promised that it is fixed with the naos 8200.

After testing it for some days now I can say that I never felt ANY delay at all, so if there is any it is a very low amount. Unfortunately the sensor is not without a couple of issues though imo it's slightly better than the avago 9500 on the lower dpi levels.

Here are my results in terms of perfect control speed. Quite compareable to the avago 9500




There's no prediction but some slight jitter at higher dpi levels

Here is the acceleration test, which shows that there is a slight amount of positive acceleration. This was done several times and sometimes it was slightly more or slightly less so it is pretty safe to say the acceleration is inconsistent as in the avago 9500. Sorry that it's unfocused

The default lift off distance is low and is above 1cd(1.2mm+) but you have the option to lower or increase that with the software

Overall the sensor is great and will be more than good enough for most people.

The buttons have a very nice amount of feedback. In terms of audible feedback it is not that special, but the great thing about the buttons is the amount of pressure required to activate the buttons.

The scrollwheel is quite smooth and easy to press. It feels very similar to the ones in the Deathadder 2013 and the Steelseries sensei

The side buttons have a bit long travel and feel a bit mushy though this is the case with pretty much all gaming mice

Here's a comparison between the Deathadder 2013, the zowie am-gs, cm storm spawn, mionix naos 8200 and the ninox velocity in terms of feedback.

If I had to rank some of the most popular mice in terms of amount of pressure required to activate I would rank them like this.

From highest to lowest amount:
Zowie mico
Zowie am-gs
Ninox velocity
Steelseries Sensei
Mionix naos 8200
Logitech g400
Razer deathadder 2013
cm storm spawn

The build quality definately feels great, as with other Mionix products I have tried. The cord is on the thin side for a braided cord and it is very flexible for a braided cord. Its about the same thickness as the cords zowie is using in their mice, just slighty thicker. It is pretty much EXACTLY same in terms of thickness and flexibilty and the Razer deathadder 2013, so it might be the same cord.

The mousefeet are big and is the same as in previous versions so it will be easy to get replacement feet if needed.

The coating is a very smooth rubber coating that looks amazing. It's very soft and without any texture and feels just great

In terms of build quality it seems almost perfect and I would say that only the two dpi buttons feels a little bit cheap.

The Mionix naos 8200 is an amazing mouse for people who use palmgrip, though it's not without its flaws. In terms of shape and build quality it's pretty much perfect. In terms of sensor performance there can still be some improvements. So overall I can definately recommend it if you are looking for a laser mouse with a ergonomic palmgrip shape with supports for all fingers

For the future I hope they can improve the sensor performance and finally get rid of the jitter and slight acceleration that is present in every avago 9800 mice. Or better yet just release the updated version of the naos 3200 but with the avago 3090 sensor



1. Best right handed palm grip mouse I've ever had the pleasure of putting my hand on. It's like someone put my hand into a clay mold and created this shell. Mionix topped it off with a rubberized texture that covers the entire mouse as if it was dipped.

2. LED lightning system is deeply customizable. One can set the NAOS 8200 to solid, blinking, pulsating, & breathing LED effects which can be run as a solid color or as a color shift. Color shift transitions very smoothly through the pre-set color wheel with no diffusion.

3. Quality parts using Omron switches and Avago 9800 sensor. Supposedly the delay bug found in other A9800 sensors has been fixed in the NAOS 8200 according to a Mionix representative that showed up and posted this remark right HERE.

Originally Posted by Mionix here View Post

"Hi Guys!
Glad to see the news found its way in to overclock as well.
The Naos 8200 have no problems with delay as previous products with the Avago 9800 sensor had, that have been fixed. Reviews will start showing up soon so you just don't have to take our word on it.

4. All seven clicking points on the mouse feel very high end, well constructed, and responsive. The design and build of the mouse contributes to the feel of the clicks actuation which was very well done. I did not miss any clicks rapidly firing while gaming.

5. The mouse testing I did do using software was good to excellent. During gaming I found the NAOS 8200 as good as any other professional gaming mouse I've used. It definitely can hold its ground contending on a gaming level.

A. On a technical level it was very responsive regardless of what DPI I used. Naturally depending on which type of game one plays RTS, MMO, FPS etc... will dictate how high of a DPI. The Mionix has you covered up to true 8200 DPI very accurately from what I've seen and tested.

B. I did notice that as gaming got more intense and movements more rapid my palm was coming off the mouse lifting enough where only five fingers were griping the mouse. It was sort of natural and was able to grip the mouse easily to stay in control. When things settle down in game the palm will lay back down and rest reminding me of how good it feels. I consider this a 'fused' palm grip that actually worked well for me when it was happening.

6. Surface Quality Analyzing Tool which provides information on your mouse pad in relation to the mouse surface recognition ability level. I tested the Razer Vespula and it scored an 80% with hard surface mouse pad. I tested the new Mionix Ensis 320 black brushed aluminum surface which yielded a 100% response with my laser sensor. I find this tool a PRO but for only those that don't know which mouse pad works best for their particular laser or optical mouse. Your high end user or avid gamer will find this info a bit trivial. Yet a PRO for everyone else.

7. The braided cord is a tad thinner than other gaming mice I've used. It was a bit more flexible and the mouse weight itself counters any feeling of the cord that is attached to it giving it a free feeling.

8. The NAOS 8200 really excels consistently with excellent resolution and precision.

Cons or NOT?

1. In the scroll wheel if you look directly at it from a top view will notice one LED pin point that was not diffused properly or pointed so it's piercing out of the scroll wheel. You either really have to have the mouse close to you or be almost over top of it to see it. However though this is a poor LED placement it does not hinder performance once your hand is resting or even just finger griping the mouse as it covers this spot no matter how hard I tried to find it again. It's not even noticeable or distracting in any way while looking at my monitor and typing with mouse sitting right next to me.

2. If your left handed or any other grip style other than palm this mouse is not for you. Period. No give here as the right side of the mouse is going to hinder any other ability. Again this isn't a CON really to right handed users as this is the obvious intended market they did perfectly. I'm surprised Mionix hasn't reversed the mouse shell yet to create the best left handed mouse in the market.

3. The mouse with cord weighs at 151g which I find a bit on the heavy side except for any other grip other than the palm grip. Even all five finger grip I used without the palm rest was able to keep control. However I have to wonder if weight will be a problem for some who prefer to use lighter mice as a preference then this might not be for you.

4. When using the customizable RGB color option 255-255-255 for the color 'white' the Mionix logo showed up a pinkish color. All the other points of the mouse were displaying white properly. However this isn't the first high end gaming mouse with LED lights I've seen do this who's options include different colors to different points on the mouse.

I wanted to point out that this did not happen with any of the pre-set colors on the pre-set color wheel. It only happened using RGB customizable color 'white'. All the pre-set colors on the color wheel regardless of combination that I tested worked flawlessly without diffusion.

5. There isn't a customizable RGB option in the 'selective' section when assigning specific points of the mouse differently. Selective options is limited to the pre-set colors in the color wheel. After viewing what happened when applying white where it was customizable I can see why this feature might not be an option if it isn't going to work right.


It retails for $89.99 usd. Prices in line with other high end gaming mice made of same caliber components and 32bit ARM processor. Countries may vary.


Total NAOS 8200 with cord = 151g

Final Thoughts

All in all as a first time Mionix user I find Mionix an unknown company that deserves a lot more recognition they get for their great product. I'm only really noticing them now that they are introducing a higher end 8200 DPI gaming mouse to the market. I'm glad they kept what worked in their optical 3200 and laser 5000 series with their palm grip design. I now know what other NAOS owners meant when they discussed the amazing comfort of their mice. I feel in my own personal opinion Mionix lacks marketing prowess which can be done much better with this gaming sleeper of a mouse. Word of mouth based on their quality products alone will have to carry them otherwise.

I've not run into any software glitches using their NAOS 8200 1.0 version running Windows 8. I plugged the mouse in the USB and was noticed by my system right away. I could have techcinally run the mouse without any software using default settings with three DPI options. The software which is run completely offline can further customize settings and be stored to mouse even if uninstalled. It may be too early to tell if there are any bugs. Previous 5000 owners using older software have reported to the contrary. Perhaps these issues have been resolved with latest release with their new mouse. Thus far it's as good as any other of the mice software. DPI settings using 200 DPI interval adjustments 200-8200 DPI. I found it easy to find different DPI comfort zones for each my profiles though I would have liked smaller increments for tighter control but not if it meant at the expense of anything else otherwise.

I found the LED features in this mouse the most robust out of any other LED enabled mouse I've ever tried. Including the ones that offer abilities to set colors to specific points in the mouse just like the NAOS 8200. I did not see any diffusion between the DPI switches and scroll wheel as I've had on other mice using their pre-set colors.

The NAOS 8200 even with it's one LED pin point bright spot in the scroll wheel and color flaw with diffused white logo that looks pinkish when using customized RGB option, still set a slightly higher LED bar for others to follow.

Today mice are using a lot of the same sensors and switches and the verdict on this updated A9800 sensor is not out yet. When comparing two mice of same grip style and components the only things that differentiate vendors apart are their mice shells and software offered. Finding the right mouse is different for everyone depending on your grip style and then it boils down to your favorite shell & software combo.

I'm by no means a professional reviewer, paid or endorsed by any company. I'm a computer enthusiast that likes to help others and every now and again when I come across a product that stand out I dedicate some time to share. I can recommend this mouse to any right handed palm grip style users whose looking for the most comfortable gaming mouse that's as high end as any other gaming mouse with confidence.

The two CONS on this mouse are so trivial it wouldn't sway my decision making one bit as other mice of same LED caliber come with similar or same issues. The PROS of this mouse speak for themselves as top notch high end build with quality components used, engineered design, offline software, 32bit ARM Processor, On-board memory, and amazing LED effects and options.

I feel the mouse and keyboard being the only parts of one's computer you physically touch an important extension of yourself that has to feel comfortable. I've decided to keep the Mionix NAOS 8200.

Shipping Default On-Board Profile

Double Click medium slow
Scroll Speed 2
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
DPI 2000 / 4000 / 6000
Pointer Speed 6
Lift Distance medium low

Technical Specification List

Right handed ergonomic full palm grip design
Grip friendly rubber coating
7 fully programmable buttons
3 steps in-game DPI adjustment
6 integrated LEDs in 4 color zones
Up to 16.8 Million LED color options
Lighting effects Color shift, Solid, Blinking, Pulsating and Breathing
128 kb built-in memory
Large PTFE mouse feet
Gold Plated, Full speed USB 2.0 connection with Plug and Play
Cable 2m long braided cable
Avago 9800 laser sensor
32bit ARM processor 72mhz
8200 DPI gaming laser sensor
Max tracking speed 3.8 m/sec (150 ips)
Max acceleration 30g
Data Format 16-bit both sensor and USB
Adjustable to1ms response timeUp to 12000fps
10.8 megapixel per second Image processing power
Total Weight w/Cord: 151g

Hope I didn't miss anything. Thank you for reading. Arizonian

Full Review with illustrations, pictures, & videos HERE
Mionix NAOS 8200 000MIO8200M Black Wired Laser Mouse

How do you make the most out of the challenges set before you to overcome in the game you're in? The combination of high-end components and the award winning ergonomic Mionix Naos shape makes the Mionix Naos 8200 the new standard for high-end gaming mice. Stunning LED color customisation and lighting effects allow for a personal tailored appearance. The 32bit ARM Processor is the engine behind the 8200DPI laser sensor that provides the most accurate and fast gaming experience making the Naos 8200 the only option for even the most demanding gamer. Actually, the Mionix 8200 isn't to be seen as an option. It's a necessary choice as far as serious gaming is concerned. In-game 3 step DPI adjustment - Set 3 DPI values and switch easily between them in-game. 7 fully programmable buttons In-game profile switch - Switch easily between stored profiles in-game. Tune it all the way up to 1000 Hz and up to 1 ms response time. Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration.

FeatureLighting fast processor - The 32-bit ARM processor running at 72 Mhz is the powerful engine to power it all. Up to 8200 DPI laser sensor offers remarkable tracking performance built for gaming. 128KB built-in memory - Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into one of 5 profiles. Customizable LED lighting system - Personalize your mouse with up to.16.8 Million color options. S.Q.A.T - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool measures tracking quality of your gaming surface.
TitleMionix NAOS 8200 High Performance Gaming Mouse PC
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