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Mirror's Edge

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To be honest my first experience with Mirror's Edge was about 3 years ago on PS3. I always wanted to play this game when I started gaming in PC few months ago and I can honestly say that the PC experience is much better than the console experience


Story : You are a runner in a corrupted city and you fight against corrupted officials and companies in order to find the people responsible for framing your sister for murder.


Graphics : The game is about 3 years old and I can easily say that the graphics of Mirror's Edge in DX10 with Highest settings still hold up today. The art design is beautiful, cinematics are done in a cartoonish way but they are very good. I can honestly say that when a person plays this game on a PC, even after 3 years, the graphics will satisfy them. However I could not find a way to turn on DX10 or ambient occlusion or some other features within the game, therefor I had to change these settings via the game engine file. I wonder why developers did not bother to put these options in the game's menu. Also the game is locked at 60 fps, however you can change it via the same .ini file and than can take advantage of 120 hz gaming.


Gameplay : It is not your typical FPS at all, and to be honest gunfighting is not the priority of the game. You run on the top of buildings or skyscrapers and sometimes inside a mall and jump from one obsticle to the other one. It might sound dull but I can tell you that it doesnt feel dull when you play the game. Imagine this game as a First Person Parkouring instead. Yes there is gunfight, however you never start a mission with guns, but you can take the guns from the armed forces that you disable. You can finish the entire game without using guns too so the choice is yours.


Sound : I like everything about the sound quality in Mirror's Edge. The soundtrack is good, the voice acting is good, the nearby sounds are good. Its a great job all together.


Length : The only downside is the length of the game. You can finish the single player in a few hours. I actually finished it in 5 hours and I wish the experience was longer.


Multiplayer : There are time trial levels in the game, and you can compare scores between your friends. Thats pretty much it for the multiplayer.


Replay value : Although I dont believe i will play the single player campaign again any time soon, I might come back to time trial levels so that I can experience something different in gameplay once more. In time trial missions, you will always know that you can do even better than your previous best, so that is always challenging


3DVision : Mirror's Edge is rated "Good" by Nvidia and I agree. The game could have been great in 3D, but I experienced few problems. Mainly shader issues, ghosting or wrong rendering of the objects, however when I switched to Directx10 via the .ini file of the game, the experience got better. It could have been an even greater experience but many small annoyances ruined it at times. However if you have a 3D setup, you should give this a go in Directx10 mode.


Verdict : The game is at 20$ on Steam but it can be found in most of the Steam Sales at about 10$. This is a very different game than most of the games you played so even 20$ is still a good price, however for those of you whom are curious about the concept should grab it around 10$ or cheaper. Note that if you never experienced Mirror's Edge before, you should consider buying it even for 20$ and I don't believe you can go wrong.


Mirror's Edge

You are a runner in this FPS and fight against corruption and find people whom framed your sister for murder.

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