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Mondo Rez


Pros: Has cool lights and sustainable wiring

Cons: The top, the left side, the right side, the bottom, the surface area, the side buttons, the curvature, the length, the buttons

Its Bad

This retails for $80 AUD but I got one off ebay for $40, a smooth linear design provacative of the Apple Magic Mouse.
Taking a look at the measurements with a ruler;
Length - 13.5cm,
Max Height - 3.3cm
Width at forend - 7.7cm
Width at middle - 6.5cm
Width at middle (bottom) - 5.3cm
Width at palm area - 7cm

The problem is that the ergonomics are not for any type of gaming, its wide expansive area making it hard for wrist users and precise aim for higher sensitivity. A large top shell that slides down on a smaller flat surface meaning the heavy weight is spread on a smaller area than it is distributed like on a balanced mouse. The point of balance is behind the DPI button, when I tried using my wrist it simply fails to keep even. My ring finger doesn't fit on the side like a normal mouse, it sits on the right mouse button. If I were to put my ring finger on the side, I would have to move my hand back and control the mouse from the middle. The mouse click is very sensitive, the side buttons are sensitive.

Their website isn't up so you can't get the drivers.

Information provided by Gamer Gear

No. of Buttons 7
No. of Macro Keys 0
No. of Game Profiles 7
Cable length 2m, braided
Connectivity USB, gold plated
Colour Black and Silver
Ambidextrous Yes
Weights No
Type Laser
Brand Avago
Model ADNS-9800
Processor 32 bit ARM
DPI 8200 DPI
Memory Size
256 KB
Response time 1000 Hz polling
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Mondo Rez

"No matter how you game or work, you’ll have the power and accuracy to move with speed, precision and style.The silver accents are designed to look great with your rig."

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