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Monoprice Precision Gaming Surface


Pros: Slick, not too much friction with mouse

Cons: Smells of chemicals out of the box

There's not really a whole lot I can say about this thing...it's a mouse pad tongue.gif. It is great though, the surface material is very smooth and doesn't offer a whole lot of resistance and so I can move my mouse around easily. I have an Allsop Raindrop XL and Mionix Alioth 320, and of the three the Alioth gives the most resistance, with the Monoprice being the least, though the Raindrop XL comes close.

The pad's dimensions are 13.75" by 10" which is just fine for me as I have limited space on my keyboard tray and I play with a relatively high sensitivity. Monoprice also offers an XL version which is 17.5" by 13.75 for you low-sens pad sweepers.

The design is simple, just a black mousepad with a small "monoprice" emblem, which is part of the material so it won't get in the way. Some might think this a con but I don't. I like the simple design; its a welcome change from the raindrop xl and alioth.

Quick pic -

I use both my Azurues Mini and CM Xornet on the pad and they work great.

Overall I think this mouse pad is a great value. If you're looking for a black pad, then I guess this could be a cheaper alternative to the Steelseries Qck line. Monoprice sometimes puts these accessories on sale too, so it brings the potential value up.

Edit 2/22/2013 - After some time using the CM Xornet with this pad I have to say I don't really like it. I love it with the Azurues Mini though, but with the Xornet, I don't really know how to describe it, it just feels too sensitive to movement. I prefer the heavier Alioth 320 with the Xornet.
Monoprice Precision Gaming Surface

"Get the jump on the competition with this Precision Gaming Surface from Monoprice! If you're serious about your gaming, then it is time to get serious about your gaming accessories. When it comes to your games, you don't want to rely on the spotty optical tracking you get from a bare desk surface or a prettily painted mouse pad. You need a reliable mouse surface that will trace precisely each and every time you give even the slightest movement to your mouse. This large gaming pad features a black microfiber surface, which provides the highest level of precision tracking available, especially when using a laser optical mouse. The surface measures a generous 13 3/4" wide by 10" high."

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