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Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings


Pros: Qualtiy, reasonable pricing, cool design

Cons: Haven't found one yet.

I purchased these from FrozenCPU.com along with some new tubing because I was using those cheapo clamps made of plastic. They were a breeze to install and look great would reccomend them to any who is water cooling a system. The 6 pack seemed to be a very reasonable price to me compared to single compression fittings, although I am still rather new to the water cooling scene. Thanks for making a great product and I hope this helped out someone who was on the fence about these.thumb.gif
Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings

Tired of big ugly wrench flats on your compression fittings or tearing up your finger tips on knurling? Then Monsoon's sexy new Free Center Compression Fittings are just what you’re looking for. The new patent pending Free Center Wrench design used to tighten the barb and the compression ring is perfect for tight spaces because it puts the wrench above the fitting plane giving you more room to maneuver than a conventional wrench. The small wrench notches on the compression ring are also a lot less noticeable than big ugly wrench flats or knurling on the side of a fitting which is normally the most visible portion when installed. The patent pending windows on the compression ring reduce weight and add some BLING to your rig by allowing the tube to show through and, in a pinch, provide extra grip if you need to use your fingers. The barb base also features a knurled surface to help the barb grip when installed. Features: - Barb and compression ring machined entirely from brass. - The Free Center Wrench works on the barb and the compression ring for hassle free installation without tearing up your fingers. Don't be a tool! - Although we highly recommend using the Free Center Wrench, the barb can also be tightened with any coin 1.6mm thick and approximately 25mm in diameter—about the size of a US Quarter, and the machined windows on the compression ring can also be used to provide grip for finger tightening. - Smaller visually and physically to make mounting in tight locations like CPU blocks easier. Outside diameter is just 24.4mm (.96 inches) and total height is just 16mm (.63 inches). - Knurled base on the barb to increase its grab when installed. - Available in 8 colors and finishes. - Includes a black O ring AND a color matched UV O ring—your choice. (Chrome, Matte Black, and Black Chrome get a second black O ring. - Available in singles or in money saving SIX PACKS that also include a free Free Center Wrench! Included: - Six Barbs with radial cut notch for use with a Free Center Wrench or a coin. - Six Compression Rings with Patent Pending Side Windows and Free Center Wrench Notches. - Six black 2.4mm thick high quality silicone G1/4 BSPP O rings. - Six color matched UV 2.4mm thick high quality G1/4 BSPP O rings. (Additional O rings or different colors can be purchased separately in 10 packs). - One Free Center Compression Fitting Wrench

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