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A Review On: Msi GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) N460GTX Hawk Talon Attack Video Card

Msi GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) N460GTX Hawk Talon Attack Video Card

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Pros: Very quiet TwinFrozr II cooler. 3 manual voltage checkpoints. Beautiful card. Good 3 year warranty. Performs very well over other GTX 460's.

Cons: 40% Minimum fan speed, RMA twice :(. Did not like voltages very well.

So here's an attempt at a review after a few months of owning the card.
First off, I purchased this card off of another OCN member fresh from RMA.

First impressions:
First week of the card, I noticed it was unstable in some games. Artifacts, driver errors, etc. Would not take a small overclock. Reducing the clocks from stock 810\811mhz to 780 helped.
I folded with this card before playing any games, as it was time for team competitions. The card pulled great PPD and was notably cooler than other cards i've owned. If the card ran stable, it would be great, however it failed 40% of work units frown.gif so I stopped folding on that card.

In gaming:
The card held quite well. With a peak overclock at over 900mhz, it would gain from 40->47fps over stock clocks in BF3 on ultra. (Framerate always depends on location. This is based on the exact same location and playing situations.) It was good enough to enjoy almost all games, if not, then turn down AA, AF, and shadows a tad. Very good for the price I paid.

This card's BIOS locks the minimum fan speed at 40%, which I found disappointing. I was able to create a custom BIOS that lowered the fan speed down to 30% and the card ran great. Noise was much less an issue. The cooling was excellent. Never exceeded 38c above ambient, under full loads. (and even then, fan speed was still set to around 70%.

Would I purchse this card a second time?
Yes, as long as I did not encounter artifacting and stability issues as before. I am very thankful MSI has a 3 year warranty on this card.


Nice Temps, mine go up to 55 max on load at stock voltages but they aren't Talon Attack versions and on stock V they can go up to 850 before glitching out. What V did you use to get 38c and what was your ambient?

The 460 is definatly a powerhouse for the price, last I played BF3 i was getting 70-90 avg in SLI.
These cards are the reason I'm hesitant to go 6xx since they do anythign I throw at them (before my 955 chokes)
38c above ambient would mean the delta. Not every room is the same temperature, so it's best to go by card temperature - room temperature = temperature delta. The coolers between the Hawk and Hawk Talon Attack are the same (Twin Frozr II)
I was pushing 1.075v max, 1.025v stock.
Sorry, I missed the bit about difference in temp in your original post. I still don't see total temperature though
The coolers are the same on the cards but the cards themselves are slightly different. The Talon Attack series IIRC was binned higher, hence the higher factory OC and are generally thought to OC better than the standard Hawk
total temperature is pretty much irrelevant, however if you are curious, in my room at 28c it would be around 64c peak.
Talon attack should be binned higher and has full triple overvolt with voltage checkpoints for dmm.
I could not get the OC I wanted out of this card though