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A Review On: MSI GT72DOMINATORG1227 GT72 Dominator G-1227 i7-6820HK G-Sync GTX 970M 16GB DDR4 17"

MSI GT72DOMINATORG1227 GT72 Dominator G-1227 i7-6820HK G-Sync GTX 970M 16GB DDR4 17"

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Pros: Great CPU, good RAM, good GPU, and very energy efficient.

Cons: Comes with a HDD.

So far this laptop has been a dream. It is super fast, once it gets into windows that is. The HDD really is the downfall in this laptop as it bottlenecks data transfer during startup, and any time that programs are loading and such.
I added the "mydigitalssd" 480GB Nvme PCIE SSD and made that the boot drive. Now it is up and running in less than 10secs from a dead stop, and loads all my programs so much faster. Even Sword of the Stars 2 runs like a dream now.
The GPU is powerful enough for me. I don't really play the most graphics intensive games, and there definitely is no CPU bottleneck. I have the CPU overclocked to 4.1Ghz, so it really is lightning fast, especially coming from my desktop which was an AMD 8320 overclocked to 4.4Ghz.
The keyboard on this is outstanding, and the lightshow makes it interesting. The mouse pad kind of sucks, no two finger scrolling, and gives a lot of false movements. Full Numpad is really appreciated.
The audio is outstanding for a laptop. No need for a bluetooth speaker when I travel anymore. The screen is also amazing. Beautiful colors, nice bright backlight, Viewing angles are great, really can't say enough about the screen.
The cooling is exactly what I would expect in a laptop of this size, it works great. There is a button to max fan speed, which keeps temps in check if I am gaming pretty hard.
There is also a button to disable the Discrete GPU if you want to just use the laptop as a laptop. This is a nice feature for when I am travelling, as I can still watch movies, and I can still do my paperwork with great battery life. I seem to get about 4 hours if the GPU is disabled, and this is multitasking.
Battery life when gaming is pretty bad though, which makes sense. GPU's really use a lot of power.

I'll try and keep this updated as I use it more, but I love this laptop. I can't say enough good things about it.


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