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Great laptop with a massive screen.

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Pros: Great CPU, fairly strong GPU setup, and oh man, that keyboard

Cons: Low storage, Mechanical 1TB HDD. Monitor is the bottleneck

Great Laptop. I have really grown to likeing the MSI offerings as far as the laptops go. My wife has a GT72, my son has a GL62M, and now I have this beast.

The MSI GT80S SLI-274 comes with a 6820HK, dual 980M graphics cards, 16GB 2133Mhz DDR4, an 18.4" 1080P screen, and a full mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is the star of the shop with the cherry MX brown mechanical keys. It is great to type and work on.

The cooling on this laptop is next to incredible. There are 2 nice big fans, and a sleuth of heatpipes to whisk the heat away from the components that need to stay cool. I changed the thermal paste as is my normal practice, and found an incredibly well engineered heatsink fan assembly.

There a couple of things that MSI really could have done better on with a laptop of this calibur though, and those would be the screen should be a 120Hz, or a 4K resolution. All of this GPU power, and the monitor is going to bottleneck it. The monitor itself, has great colors, and awesome contrast. From image quality standpoint, this one knocks it out of the park.

There are many different models of the same exact laptop, and as I found out, it is because there are many offerings of storage solutions. This is the cheaper one, starting you off with just a m.2 sata3 128GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD. I immediately got rid of this, and put 2 480GB NVME SSD's in raid 0. Now this laptop is where it needs to be with speed.

This one uses a little older components, but I got a smoking deal on it, so I had to take it. If the price is around $1500 new, this laptop is so worth that price.


I own this Laptop, even started a thread about it here. I've owned it for a year now and it is very solid, I don't keep it running unless I use it and I have a cooling pad for it which kinda keeps the dust down. 32GBs of RAM, 3TBs of SSD storage inside of it. The laptop is great!
I invested in the NVME storage, and will never look back now. This thing is fast. I play a lot of games and such that rely on faster storage than anything. Sword of the stars 2 is notorious for long periods between the turns. That is now a thing of the past. Playing a large map used to have up to 3 mins wait time on a regular SATA ssd, now it is mere seconds every turn.
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