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Pros: Great performance, Feels well made

Cons: loud, longer than a 660 and could have space issues.

This is my first review. I hope it helps someone out. EVERYTHING was set to stock speeds for testing!!!Anyways, after having a 660ti for 9 days, it just died. i tried everything and it just would not work even though it shows video. as soon as it got under load, BSOD. I went to microcenter and picked up my new 7970 (my first ati card in 15 years) which is an upgrade to the 660ti. First thing i noticed was the 3GB of VRAM on the 7970 (how could i not notice that first it was plastered all over). the 660ti has 2GB of VRAM and will be blown out of the water by the 7970 especially at 1920x1080 and higher. the 660ti worked but there is no comparison and where i live a gtx 660ti is $330 and a 7970 OC is $400. Im not comparing the 670 or 680 since the 7970 still wins in terms of frame rate. I ran CS:GO maxed with out a problem, torchlight 2 maxed without a problem, gw2 maxed at a solid 32-35fps with it dropping to 27-28 when in highly populated areas.
idle temps for my 7970 which is 27C beat those of the 660ti which was 33C. Both cards hit around the same load temp 65C. the 7970 may have issues in small cases (its about the size of a gtx 260 to give you a picture. maybe even a little bit longer). If price isnt an issue, then pick up a 7970. Ill be posting speeds and such in a bit and i will update the framerate and hopefully have a few more games to test out. Any questions? PM me

EDIT: Overclocking the just CPU from 3.1GHz to 4GHz gave a large increase in framerate (a gain of 12-15fps)


Quote:gw2 maxed at a solid 32-35fps with it dropping to 27-28 when in highly populated areas.My 660 ( non ti) ( 200 $) runs it 1920X1080 super sample and everything else max at 60 fps and drops to 47 on very graphics demanding zones .
torchlight 2 should get 60 fps constant with a gtx 260......
Those are great load temps from what i have seen in the red-mod thread. ( video cards /ati/cooling in the forums.
some guys have been putting closed loop coolers on the gpus for heat and lower noise.. in your case if its not loud at gamming or heavy tasks
sounds like a deal. I wish i could afford one. ;>
ok unless you got a sandy bridge running at around 4.4GHz-4.5GHz, its not possible. the game is very demanding on the cpu and the game is simply not a good test to show off its performance.

Even in WvW people with those OC's see drops into the 30s...