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Noctua NF-F12 PWM Reviews


New PWM fans from Noctua


Pros: Quiet; unique design; great accessories

Cons: Rubber pegs too short.

New PWM fans from Noctua   In late 2011 Noctua refreshed its entire line of fans by putting out PWM versions. They also introduced a new fan. Let’s look at two of the updated fans and the new one.   Here are the NF-P14 PWM and the NF-P12 PWM:     Noctua engineers took some years to figure out how to make PWM PCB’s so that they operate quietly. Did they succeed? We’ll see.   Now let’s look at the new fan, the NF-F12 PWM:       Those vanes are called stators. When a fan’s output is blown through properly designed stators, it focuses its airflow and it increases its static pressure. Noctua says not to expect more...
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A stellar, contemporary Noctua fan that incorporates all of their bells and whistles. A great all-rounder and must have, if you don't mind the price.


Pros: - Classic Noctua build quality (read: amazing), good static pressure, quiet. Great bundle.

Cons: - Expensive. Fan mounting holes seem relatively small.

I am an owner of a U9B SE2, so I am quite well acquainted with the characteristics of Noctua fans. My NF-B9s have performed admirably, but seem to be getting quite old; it's nice to see that Noctua recently released the successor to the B9 (not including the B9 redux), the A9.    Anyways, I digress. I recently bought 3 of these to replace 2 x Fractal Design Silent R2 120mms and 1 x Cougar Turbine 120mm in my Arc Mini R2. All I can say is that they are everything I expected and more. The Mini R2 has an extremely dense front dust filter that the Silent R2s struggled with as they seemed to have much lower CFM and static performance. As a result, my 280X ran pretty hot in games...
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best fan I've used?


Pros: quiet and effective

Cons: colors and price!

This is not the first time that I bought these fans, however in an effeort to try and shave some degrees off my load temps, I thought I would give them another go as I was impressed with their performance previously. Having played around with a few different combinations on my radiator; push vs. pull, using as an exhaust or intake and using different fans (BitFenix Spectres, Corsair SP120s & Gentle Typhoons), I maybe 1 degree difference between the worst & best after 20 mins of LinX....so I was a little dubious that putting the NF-F12s on my radiator would actually improve anything.... ....however! My load temperatures are down by ~4 degrees, having repeated the above experiment to...
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Best Rad Fan


Pros: high static pressure, extremely quiet, really reliable

Cons: ugly color

i have been running this fan for the past 2 months on a 60mm thick rad in a push pull configuration and they have performed exceptionally well. they are almost completely inaudible at 1200rpm unless you have your head within 2 feet of them which is a huge benefit. i leave them running 24/7 since they are running on my folding computer and they have been a great choice. i know they cost more than other fans but they are well worth it. they come with lots of accessories and are really well built. they are the perfect fan for any radiator setup and i would highly recommend them
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