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Lacking in Features

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Nuance Power PDF Standard

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Lady Fitzgerald
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Pros: It was included with my new Fujitsu Duplexing, ADF Scanner - It isn't Adobe

Cons: Is not a full replacement for Adobe Acrobat Standard XI. Only one installation per license.

My copy of Nuance Power PDF Standard was bundled with my new Fujitsu ix500 Duplexing ADF scanner I had to buy because my old scanner used Adobe Acrobat Standard to scan directly to PDF (the normal price is $99.00). My current version of Adobe Acrobat Standard, XI, reaches EOL 10/15/2015. Since the replacement is cloud and subscription based, something I do NOT want, I was forced to replace my otherwise perfectly good scanner with a newer version with the latest version of my scanner that uses Nuance Power PDF Standard instead of Adobe Acrobat Standard.

The first downside of Nuance (Nuisance?) Power PDF is, unlike Adobe Acrobat Standard, one can only have one installation per license. That suddenly makes this program $45.00 more expensive than Adobe Acrobat Standard DC 12, which allows two installations per license, since one would have to buy two Power PDF licenses (although the license for Adobe is for only one year).

The second downside is Nuance Power PDF is not a direct replacement for Adobe Acrobat Standard, despite its claims. It doesn't have all the features Acrobat does; one would have to the Advanced version to hopefully get all the features of Acrobat Standard. The GUI is more primitive and a bit harder to navigate. PDF editing is limited compared to Acrobat and is sometimes unstable.

The third downside is power PDF does not include an Add On for IE11 to allow reading and downloading PDFs online.

There are versions available for both Windows and Mac although it appears the Mac version has fewer features.

What really galls me is I now have to have three PDF programs on my computer: Power PDF for the scanner, Foxit Reader for the IE11 Add On, and another PDF creation program to replace Acrobat standard.


Enjoyed the review. Purchasing new Acrobat licenses recently has been a pain, much like what you expressed. Cloud based licensing and subscription services work for some instances, but it does not meet my needs either. We purchased a few licenses for the Cloud managed Adobe Acrobat to try while we find our platform to move to.

Good luck on finding a singular solution!
Look at PDF Studio Pro. It's a pretty much complete replacement (plus some) for Adobe Acrobat Standard. I wrote a review for it here.
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