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NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Kit


Pros: konfortabel to wear (even with a headsett), Good depth and easy to adjust

Cons: Could be better to wear, Some issues with drivers

The NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses is in the end an enhancement for gaming or movie watching.
The glasses could be more comfortable when you have a headset on, but in the end it is almost not noticeable until it has gone 3-4 hr's of gameplay, i tested this with the logitech G35.

At first i was worryed about the opening the headset "cup's" got when i had the headset on, but i still could not hear my gf in the kitchen asking for help. and the kitchen is one room next to my pc, with doors open.
But if you are on a lan party it may or may not be a problem, i could hear my mate talking to be next to me, when there where low sound in the game.

The game i tested this with:
Metro 2033 (perfect)
world of warcraft (good)
Battlefield 3 (good-perfect after some fixing to get it to work)
Boarderlands 2 (perfect)
Skyrim (NICE!)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (perfect)

all the games above i didnt feel that things where coming out of the monitor as i would think of 3D, with the exception of Skyrim, and some parts or Metro 2033.

What i didnt expect was that i could get a so good depth in the monitor, got my mom to test it and her word was "this looks so real" =3

After i have tested it for more then 40hr's i havnt charged the glasses since i first got em (charged them first time when i tested them)

Overall the money for em was worth it for me, as i feel the gaming experiance i got from it was amazing.
They could have make it more comfortable, but as i have read on other forums the 3D vision 1 vs 3D vision 2, the 3D vision 2 is alot better to have on with a headset.

As for driver issue, after some fideling i got it to work, seemed i downloaded a old driver, and then i updated to the new driver again it worked. the old driver i downloaded was the 270.somthing, and the new driver that i got it to work with was 306,97.

Payed 1.395nok,- that is 251.54$, but the price on newegg is 127.99$ so if you are not from my contry you should be oki =3
Check out the review on the monitor i tested it on:
NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Kit

3D-glasses battery life up to 60hour(s) package contains: IR-sender, 2 nose pices so you can find the perfect fit for your nose, 1 pair of glasses. Width 16.5 cm Depth 16.3 cm Height 4.1 cm Weight 56 g You can easly charge the glasses with a USB kable like the NVIDIA 3D vision 1 glasses

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