Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) Reviews


It's wonderful to finally see a GPU so fast the CPU clocks are effecting its performance


Pros: Best gaming solution

Cons: Wish the price was 999$

I read a lot of reviews on the web and I didn't find one that would show a clear picture for a Maxwell Titan X owner with water cooling. So in this review I put Pascal Titan X overclocked to 2000Mhz vs Maxwell Titan X at 1500Mhz. I also explore the effect the CPU clock speed has on frame rates. My system: Intel 5820k EVGA X99 Micro 16Gb Corsair LPX DDR4 Memory 1TB Samsung 850 Evo EVGA P2 1200 Power supply I think it's very interesting how Pascal get's huge improvement from overlocking CPU. It looks like GPU finally get bottlenecked and it actually matters what CPU do you have I wonder if it's possible to get even more with an even bigger overclock. Witcher 3 is the only game I...
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