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NZXT Crafted Series ATX Full Tower Steel Chassis Reviews


NZXT Phantom - A sight to behold


Pros: Tons of room for ANYTHING. Built in fan controller. Looks great, very cool!

Cons: Reflective surface smudges easily. Only uses NZXT type 200mm fans. Side fan may not fit with certain cpu coolers. Hope you have enough room for it!

The NZXT Phantom is in every way an incredible case. For those of us who like to stick in the most modern devices and intricate cooling devices, the Phantom will make it happen. At first sight, the Phantom looks sleek, it's the lamborghini of computer cases. Everything is built to look stylish and that it is. Opening this bad boy up you'll notice it's not just a bunch of good looks, but has the features and room for any type of set up. 4 holes in the back allow you to fit liquid cooling tubes with ease. Cable management is simple and spacious with how much room you're given in the back to fit things through. 7 brackets included for your storage devices, and 5 slots for your optical...
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Fantastic, but MASSIVE!


Pros: Excellent build quality, unique design and styling, spacious inside, good cable management, comes with good fans, space for more fans.

Cons: A little on the HUGE side, only 1 blue LED, front fan blocked by HDD trays.

I recently purchased the NZXT Phantom case in black for my first PC build. I liked the look of the case for it unique design and appearance and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. It's every bit as stylish as the pictures would suggest, not your average beige box. However, the first thing I noticed when I first opened up the box, was just how huge it is. You will have no problem fitting anything and everything inside this case, and the room inside makes installation of your components far less of a hassle. There is also good cable management features, with plenty of rubber grommets and places for you to put your wires. The case comes with all the necessary nuts bolts and cable ties...
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pretty phantastic


Pros: sturdy, roomy

Cons: plastic comes off easy

Nice big case to put everything in, even fits a 360mm rad with slight modding, even with no modding it can be attached to the top, There is lots of room for components. Decent room in the back for wire management. However the front corner of the side panel warps with excessive use otherwise firm sturdy metal case with lots of space.

NZXT Phantom:Amazing Gaming Case


Pros: Cable Managment, Air Flow, Mod Friendly and Overall Design

Cons: Fingerprint Magnet and Visible Dust.

Exterior Design The exterior is very sharp looking and probably one of the best looking game cases in my honest opinion. The design is a glossy black which might make people turn away from this case for 2 reasons and that is because fingerprints will be visible dust. I did not take an flame off the rating because i clean mine every day. Other impressive things of this case are the fan controller and the setup of the power/reset and the input output ports they did a very nice job in designing this case. (5 out of 5) Interior Design The interior design is another amazing thing about this case. The best parts of this case is that there is a great amount of wire management holes with...
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Pros: Good Cable Management, Air Filters, Fits a H100

Cons: Doesnt Use Alot of Industry Standard Sizes (non NZXT fans wont fit) Plastic Parts

Well, i picked up this case because i needed something better then my antec 900, i paid 159 for it from a local shop, seems to be the standard price for it. Pros: Looks Good, Built in 5 fan control can fit up to 3 200mm fans (2 top 1 side) Comes with Air Filters 2 Hdd cooling Fans Easy To Mod Great Cable Managment Bottom Mounted Upside down style PSU Concealed DVD bays Easy front USB/headphones Esata Cons 200mm Fans MUST BE NZXT or they will not fit. Confirmed to NOT FIT: Antec Big Boy, Coolermaster 200mm LED fans Front and top are entirely plastic, doesnt stick out i just dont like it Not big enough feet on the bottom LED switch it comes with only works on 1 Fan making it...
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NZXT Phantom Review


Pros: Built in fan controller, 7 HDD bays, great air flow.

Cons: Build quality issues, 200mm side fan.

Specifications: Motherboard Support - E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, ITX Dimensions - 222mm (W) x 541.34mm (H) x 623.81mm (D) Weight - 11kg Materials - Steel, Plastic, Mesh I/O Ports - x1 HD Audio/Mic, x2 USB 2.0, x1 eSATA External 5.25" - 5 Internal 3.5" - 7 Expansion Slots - 7 Fans - x1 140mm or x1 120mm (Front), x2 200mm (Top) x1 included, x1 120mm (Rear) x1 included, x1 200 or 230mm (Side) and x2 120mm (Side) x2 included. Features - Supports 7 fans - Dual radiator support - 20W 5 channel fan controller - Tool less drive bay design - Rubber PSU holders to reduce vibration Pros (Detailed) Built in Fan Controller The built in fan controller is a very nice feature that you don't see in other...
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NZXT: Amazing gaming case.


Pros: Air Flow, Cable Management , HDD Space, USB 3.0 header and Tons of room.

Cons: Side Panel 200mm.

NZXT has really taken a leap forward with this case. The cable management part of this case stands out because of the space, places to put wire ties, rubber grommets everything a person can dream for in terms of cable management. Airflow is another huge plus. With a 140mm intake, 2x 120mm hdd intakes, 2x 200mm exhaust and a 120mm exhaust in the back this case has enough airflow to please anyone. The only problem with the fan part of the case which i did not take any off from the rating is that if you have a tall heat sink cpu cooler you will be forced to take off the side 200mm fan or possible mod the case. Another big plus is the HDD and the USB 3.0 header on the newer cases. Overall...
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