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NZXT H630 Matte Black Ultra Tower

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Pros: Flat Black, or nice white finish, stealth like, noise dampening material on panels, radiatior support, fan mounts, I/O led

Cons: Some radiator line up's with diffrent configurations dont work, no top fan mounting under top panel above fan frame mounts

Hello OCN family, I'm here to post my review on the new NZXT H630 Ultra Tower. For starters don't be scared off by the name Ultra Tower, Its the size of a normal full tower.

I have recently swapped cases to this H630, black finish is the one I picked out. The paint finish is a nice matte black, non gloss with a soft touch and hides finger prints fairly well. The white is a thicker paint finish but still very nice indeed. With the case front panel and side mesh adding a little black contrast to the white edition. Both paint jobs, 5/5 star.

Starting with the airflow. As you all may be aware, the front intake on the H630 is on the right portion of the front panel, a narrow mesh grill that looks great. If your question is how can that provide any solid airflow to the fan options I'm here to help. The answer is there is no problem. The air flow to my 2 sp120 corsair fans on 7v reducers in pull on a xspc ex240 radiator is outstanding. Air flow or static pressure fan will receive solid cool front intake. This was my worry at first but after some testing it works great. Treat it as a tad bit better airflow then a Fractal Define R4 front intake. The supplied 200mm fan in front intake is very nice as well, tested it before complete chassis tear down. Front cooling 4/5 star.

Radiator mounting options. This was the big question for me coming into this case as I transferred by full water cooling set-up into this H630. I wont go into grave detail as you can watch the full case video review elsewhere but here is the summary. Front 360 radiator mount is possible but be weary of how thick the end tanks are because it might become an issue towards the top near the drive bays. A 280mm radiator and of course a 240mm radiator fit very well also. For the bottom... a 240 radiator will fit fine as well as a 280mm. Here, be weary of how long your PSU is because if its a super long (about 8in) you may see problems with radiator end tanks as well as an opportunity to still plug in your connectors.

On to the back fan mount. Here NZXT has provided a very nicely done fan mounting option. Its still your traditional 120mm or 140mm fan, however there is vertical sliding room to either raise or lower the fan quite a bit. .This means your can fit 140mm radiators in the rear...as well as 120. This is a plus. Just be weary of thick rads on top that would block it. The only con of the rear fan mount is the I/O led. There is actually 2 5mm led's pre installed on the rear on the chassis. One directly about the I/O shield of the motherboard and one above your PCI slots. These are super cool as you can control them on or off from the front panel but they hinder a little space with a back radiator. And yes for you modders out there they just pop in place so whatever 5mm led color you want smile.gif Oh,The stock 140mm fan is of the expected quality

The top. Ah the top. This is the main focus for folks here on OCN usually for one purpose. What CLC (Closed Loop Cooler) can I install in the roof of the case. The answer is any on the market. You can quote me on that. H100, H110, Kraken X60, Swiftech h220 you name it. Now, I currently have an xspc ex 280 radiator (35mm) with on set of 25mm fans and I have about 3-5 mm of space vertically before hitting my VRM heat sink on my Crosshair V formula -z board. Should be about the same with like high end boards, Intel alike. But the best part is you still got a solid almost finger gap behind the 280 rad before hitting the motherboard plate. (I have big hands too). Now the con for the roof is this. you cannot place a 25mm fan under the top panel like its brother, the phantom, mainly because of the sound insulation. However being that the exhaust grill is right above the fan mounts venting on the back and left side of the top panel, even if you were to put say a 12mm fan up there it would suffocate. If you were to run a intake set-up on top it would receive good airflow. Plenty of room for a full tower up-top. I'm not reviewing a Corsair 900d here guys... To finish up, there are mounts for a 240 rad, a 280 rad, a 360 rad, yes a 360 however you will be very hindered with space up in the drive cages so beware with a 360 if you got a dual bay res or pump. Also fan mounts for 2 200 mm fans.

Enough talk, here are some bullet points for pros and cons.


1. Stealth like design with enthusiast options
2. Plenty of radiator and fan options
3. SD card and I/O led on front panel. Very nice and different.
4. Hard drive cage options, all modular so your can fit front radiator
5. 2 ssd mounts that are designed well on back of motherboard tray
6. No silly +1 pci slot on rear of case, just a nice horizontal grill for airflow
7. Nifty PSU rubber case feet stands
8. 2 drive bay cages, perfect for fan control or dual bay res. Who needs a CD drive anyway
9. Tie down points in back, even some for the 8pin thumb.gif
10. All I can think of now


1. Bottom radiator mounts... cant fit a bottom 240 and front 360 at same time unless offset or super thin. Don't quote me on this one.
2. Plastic case feet? come on the case is all metal redface.gif , but they are still nice and have rubber padding
3. No rubber grommet on bottom openings for back plate..gonna mod a cover anyway just noted
4. All I can think of now

Overall this case gets a 4.5/5 from me. Take that as you will but I have experienced a lot of cases and all air cooled and water-cooled systems alike. This was my first review here so feel free to P.M. me for questions, thoughts, or concerns. I hope to start a NZXT H630 club here on OCN to share this great product and convince you to get one!

Happy Modding,


P.S. The front and top panel mesh is held in by screws, I have already popped it out and went with dark red for an accent thumb.gif cant wait to see what others have in store!
NZXT H630 Matte Black Ultra Tower

Beautifully architected, the new H630 is designed for two primary purposes: provide enthusiasts the ability to build the highest performing systems while remaining audibly invisible. With its incredible ability to subdue component noise, games, videos, and music take center stage of the system's experience.

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandNZXT Technologies
FeatureClean. Modern. Silent. 100 percent Steel Constructed Panels on both the interior and exterior First chassis in history to support two 200 mm fans in both the front and top positions Motherboard Support: ATX, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, XL-ATX, EATX (347mm x 272mm) External Connections: 1 x Audio/Mic; 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0; SD Card Reader With SDXC Support; I/O Panel LED On/Off Bay & Expansion: 2 x External5.25"; 8 x Internal 3.5"/2.5" (2 x 2.5" behind MB) 2 x 3HDD cage, 1 x 2HDD cage (Fully Modular) Cooling: CPU Cooler 190mm; VGA Card 354mm; Cable Management 27mm Fan Capability: Front 2 x 200 or 2 x 140 or 3 x 120mm (1 x 200mm included); Top 2 x 200 or 2 x 140 or 3 x 120mm; Rear 1 x 140/120mm (1 x 140mm included); Bottom 2 x 140/120mm HDD 2 x 140/120mm
LabelNZXT Technologies
ManufacturerNZXT Technologies
PublisherNZXT Technologies
StudioNZXT Technologies
TitleNZXT Technologies Computer Case, Matte Black CA-H630F-M1
Warranty2 years on parts
ColorMatte black
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementCS-NT-H630-B
Item Height22.44 inches
Item Length22.32 inches
Item Width9.65 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement815671011473
Item Weight30.86 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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