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NZXT SEN-MIX2 Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller

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Pros: Looks great, Blends with most cases well, Multi-colored LED's, Does it's job well as a fan controller

Cons: One of the channels was DOA, Switches themselves gather fingerprints and are awkwardly shaped

I bought the NZXT Sentry Mix 2 fan controller a week or two ago from FrozenCPU along with some new fans. I got everything wired up, including the second, optional molex to power the fan controller, and when I booted up my computer, one of the fans didn't spin. After a bit of troubleshooting and rewiring, I discovered that channel four of the fan controller was dead. That is really the only problem I have with mine. Unfortunately, due to FrozenCPU's RMA policy, I didn't want to spend the time and money to get a replacement, so I now have a five channel fan controller. This leads to a pro, however, and it is that each fan cable is detachable from the back side of the controller, in case you aren't using that channel. This saves a lot of useless wiring from sitting around in your case. You can change the color of the LED's with the push of a button on the fan controller, meaning you don't have to deal with sometimes buggy software. You can also turn off the LED's entirely with that button. The switches themselves are a glossy black, so they do catch a lot of fingerprints, but they are oftentimes hard to see. The switches are also a little hard to hold onto due to their shape, and they wiggle a little from side to side. This is by no means a deal breaker, but only a minor flaw with a small detail that should be noted. To sum up, I suppose, this is a great fan controller with a few design flaws, but it's ability to blend in with almost any build is great. I recommend this product, but if you do order one, I hope you receive one that is fully functional.
NZXT SEN-MIX2 Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller

NZXT Sentry Mix 2 brings the same precision control over to your cooling setup. With six channels of continuous 30 watts of power at your fingertips, the Sentry Mix 2 gives you complete control over an arsenal of fans. Its matte-black finish with customizable LED lighting ensures it will blend seamlessly with nearly any build.

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandNZXT Technologies
FeatureMatte-black faceplate with glossy-black sliders 6 channels for complete airflow control 30 watts per channel Integrated color LED lighting with five different colors to choose from All black cabling PWM sized connectors Power Input 2X MOLEX Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White
LabelNZXT Technologies
ManufacturerNZXT Technologies
PublisherNZXT Technologies
StudioNZXT Technologies
TitleNZXT Technologies Sentry Mix 2 Fan Controller AC SEN-MIX2-M1 - Matte Black
Warranty2 years
ColorMatte black
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementACC-NT-SEN-MIX2
Item Height1.68 inches
Item Length5.85 inches
Item Width5.53 inches
Package Height1.9 inches
Package Length6.5 inches
Package Weight0.9 pounds
Package Width5.8 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement815671011527
Item Weight0.78 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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