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Nzxt Switch 810 CA-SW810-B1 Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

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Pros: Watercooling, space, design, aesthetics

Cons: Not as large as watercooling cases such as caselabs, no 140.3 radiator with 15mm spacing support

The Switch 810 is hands-down the best case I have personally owned so far. With the excellent water-cooling options and high number of fan mounts, the Switch 810 is very highly recommended for both water and air cooling needs.


Pros: Looks,Build quality,space,airflow,

Cons: Side window scratches way too easy, Not quite enough dust filtration. plastic on the front and top is a little flimsy. power switch could be better.

This case is very good. I am that guy that needs 8 hard drive bays and I was even looking for 10 or more when I was case shopping. but 8 +1 hotswap works for me when it comes in a case with this many features. I am A media center fanatic and since I cant really afford a NAS this is the next best thing. Personally I dont see why people need more then 4X 5.25 " bays. you can have a dual bay res, a fan controller and an optical drive.. what else do you need? NZXT issued a revision for the top fan spacing which solved the rad mounting issue. That is AAA+ in my book. plus the fact that the entire case can be disassembled to allow for you to paint it whatever color you want or even get it powder coated is awesome for the modder in you. I have very few complaints and they are easily solved or overlooked. The dust filtration can be fixed pretty easily. first I fixed the small corner mesh on the front of the case by getting a thin 3m dish scrub pad from the kitchen drawer and cut it to shape then stuffed it in behind the mesh it fit snug and works perfect. For added filtration i got a pair of fan dust covers for the 2 front intake fans. I believe 90% of the dust enters through the front of the case so that helped dramatically. Next I plan to add a mesh cover to the top vents of the case to help minimize light escaping from the top of the case and of course help with dust.

Another planned mod is to replace the plexi side window with glass. As far as the plastic goes just dont play basketball or practice karate by your switch 810 and you will be fine. And treat the power switch gently.


Pros: Lots of room, great design ideas.

Cons: Not enough cable management room and needs more bays less HDD cages.

It has about 1/2" of cable management in the back but even that seems to be not enough for me. 1" would be a solid amount and would even allow room to route WC tubes behind the board. Also who really needs 8 HDD mounts and a hot swap? I think 1 less cage and maybe 1 or 2 more bays would be better.


Pros: Room, Layout, Cable MGNT, Air Flow, Build Quality, Price, Color Options, Dust Filters, Easy To Build In.

Cons: 140MM Spacing & No Mesh @ The Top

Case is beautiful, build quality is top of the line. It's made of mostly plastic, but it doesn't feel like it is. It is very sturdy & solid. The options you get are endless. I went from a Corsair 650D & I am surprised. NZXT hit all the right buttons with this one. If you're just running air cooling, you will enjoy the fact you can fun eight 120 or 140mm fan's without a problem. You can stuff a 60mm Rad @ the top with 25mm fan's @ the bottom & yes you can do push pull. The 140mm holes don't match up with some radiators like XSPC, Alphacool, Colgate, & Koolance. They do match up with HWLabs & EK Rads. The case is very well made & everything lines up with eatch other. Plenty of grommets to route cables from anywhere.


Pros: Lots of space, plenty of places for WCing.

Cons: Side panel is very hard to get off

My roomate just got this case yesterday and he loves it. I helped him put together his rig and I could not believe how much room was on this case. He has is H100 with push/pull and he had no issue putting it in. He is very happy about it. I wish the NZXT fans came with a white LED, it would make it look much better in the dark. He will probably add one in later on. tongue.gif
Nzxt Switch 810 CA-SW810-B1 Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window

With Power Supply: No Power Supply Mounted: Bottom With Side Panel Window: Yes External 5.25" Drive Bays: 4 External 3.5" Drive Bays: No Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 6 Front Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, Audio, SD Card Reader Side Air duct: No

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