Brilliant mouse pad - absolutely top class

A Review On: OcUK Mega Mat Medium Elite Tactical Gaming Surface

OcUK Mega Mat Medium Elite Tactical Gaming Surface

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Totally Dubbed
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Pros: Smooth, good size, price

Cons: Not actually SLI/Crossfire compatible despite the product description

Yes, there are no cons, but thought that was hilarious when I read it on the product description biggrin.gif!

The mouse pad was an impulse buy really, but I'm so glad I bought it.
Great pad, smooth and silky and really nice size & finish to it.

Not much else to say, apart from - get it, if you need it.


Got one of these last week and I do love the size of it but its being used more as a table to protector than anything else.
Its great for desktop use and has a really nice feel to it but because of the way I play games (I tend to lift the mouse off the mat) it was confusing the hell out of me as the mouse picked up the surface of the mat even in mid air.
I dusted my old icemat off an have that sitting on top of the mega mat and it works a treat. Keeps the other half happy as the table top isn't getting ruined now from a mouse and keyboard sliding all over it.
haha never had the mouse pad lift up on me