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Philips 40" BDM4065UC 4K Monitor


Pros: All 4K monitor common issue eliminated. Superior quality on brightness, contrast, color and lot of input port + USB, Cheap

Cons: Size of the screen is too huge (got solution) Simple monitor stand.

I have three 4k monitor - two is 28" ASUS PB287Q and Samsung U28D590D. Just newly bought 40" Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor.

This is the best 4K monitor i ever see currently in the MARKET with such low price.

ASUS PB287Q - Problem is the cable must use direct mini DP to DP two way 1.2 version cable that ASUS even not provide it at all. If you using female DP to Mini DP adapter, Asus monitor will blinking but adapter work on all other 4k brand monitors.

Other problem will be the popular 4k issue - Blur font, Tiny font, big fonts, comparability of software, CT panel that limited to viewing angle, require massive graphic power and expensive.

Samsung U28D590D - Same Common issue of 4K monitor but without cable problem.

40" Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor. - Basically all 4k common issue was solve by using large screen size that suit the 4k resolution. Price is cheap consider the size except massive graphic power is still needed.
Compare the color, intensity, brightness, response time, input ports and the price and viewing angle 4k CT panel problem solve by using LED - No doubt, 40" Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor is the best of all 4k monitor

Except the screen size is huge that give inconvenient to PC gamers that require smaller screen size for viewing concentration. But there is a solution - Lower down the resolution to 3200 x 1800 or even lower as the screen size will follow to become smaller but retain the resolution that give more performance. I have try it on Call of duty all series multiplayer. It just like buying a 4K monitor that can tweak to difference screen size with high resolution.

If resolution lower down to 2560 x 1440 QHD. The viewing screen size will remain 40 ". The reason behind I really got no idea at all as I not an expert on LCD Monitor

This is what i truly experience it and no bias .
Philips 40" BDM4065UC 4K Monitor

All 28" below 4K monitor common issue eliminated - The most significant monitor I ever bought.

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