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Phobya WaCoolT Benchtable


Pros: Massive, Lots of Radiator Support (2x 360mm/280mm), Any sized Motherboard Support, Very Modular

Cons: Quality is not perfect, Odd Allen Key Screws

This thing is very big. It was able to fit 2x 360mm Radiators with Push/Pull. And still easily fit 4x HDD/SDD, 4x 5.25" Bays, PSU, etc.

It will also swallow up any sized motherboard. It made my full ATX look like a micro.

The best part about it is how modular it is. The Bottom piece is like a drawer and slides out. And all brackets are just screwed down, so they can be moved or removed very easily. Its also very heavy and very sturdy.

Quality is slightly lacking, as with most Phobya products. Two of the preinstalled stand offs broke while I was trying to remove them, forcing me to drill them out. Also the Phobya logo right on the front is slightly crooked (which is quite annoying).

Also all the screws need an allen wrench to remove, not sure why they did this instead of just putting normal screws on. But you can just do what I did and replace them all. The I/O brackets will fit an M3 thumb screw and I think the others are M4.

Overall this is a fantastic case. Its the only case I have found that can hold 2x 360 rads out of the box for under $200 (excluding the Xigmatek Elysium maybe?). Most watercooling cases run almost triple the price of this thing. I am very happy with this case! thumb.gif
Phobya WaCoolT Benchtable

Phobya Watercooling Bench Case

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