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PlayStation 4

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: media options, quality titles

Cons: user interface needs work, needs DLNA, no customizability

I played around with this thing last November when someone I know got one. I just received mine 2 days ago and after playing with it for 2 days, I think this console has great potential if you compare how it functions now to how it functioned last year.

I decided to get one because I wanted another 3D Blu Ray player for the house. I have a PS3 but that gets moved around all the time. I thought to myself that I could either spend $100 on a 3D Blu Ray player, with limited video streaming functionality, unresponsive controls, and no USB photo support, or I could spend the extra money for a PS4 and have a powerful processor (which makes all the difference in the world with streaming) and a quick and snappy GUI. Since Sony just updated the PS4 to play 3D Blu Rays, now was the right time to buy one. On the gaming front, Sony has the best exclusives in the industry. Between Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, and Insomniac, you could acquire a nice library of just Sony exclusives and feel satisfied. Sony has the capital to support high quality development, which is why you have games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, and the God of War games. I'm very excited to see what Sony's talent creates with this console.

But there are things that need to be changed. The GUI is a bit clunky. There's very little organization of things. The only things that are organized with their own nice menu are video apps. Everything else is cluttered on the front of the UI. This is something that will probably be fixed in the future, but for right now it's a bit of an annoyance. Another small issue is that there is no DLNA support so my Synology Diskstation can't be connected to it. So I'll have to wait for them to add that in before I can watch downloaded videos and view photos from it. I could put them on a flash drive and then on the PS4 but that's too much work and I'm not going to deal with that. The final small issue with the console is that there is no customizability of the home screen. I have photos that I like to use as wallpapers on my PS3 but on my PS4 I can't use them yet. I have a feeling that the new 2.0 update is going to allow this because there are supposed to be big changes coming for it.

I have no opinion of the controller. It works, feels nice, and the touch pad is a nice way to type. But none of that stuff is a deal maker or breaker for me.

edit: Another bonus is that it uses a simple power cord. No big brick PSU to deal with. All I did was remove my PS3 with the power cord still in the wall and replaced it with my PS4.

another edit: I will concede that I'm bias towards Sony's developers, but I have good reason. But yeah it is personal preference and some people might not like them. But it's The Last of Us, a game that made me, a pcmasterrace person say, "Ok consoles have something that we don't have and I'm jeal."


Pros: Much better overall system.

Cons: It won't perform on my 4k tv!!!

Loved the system until I got my dream tv, a 65" 4k Smart tv, 2D/3D capable,....Spent large on this only to find it won't run properly yet. Hopefully some

software can fix that. Hopefully it's not like Netflix 4k as well.

The PS3 looks amazing on it but the PS4 won't run right bcuz of the lag.

I'll suffer with it though, lol.



Pros: Great OS, solid gaming performance, huge potential and bright future

Cons: Lack of top tier games, best games can be found elsewhere, some odd design choices

I've had the Playstation 4 for about 24 hours, with it I purchased Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The console cost me $449 canadian.

A quick rundown of the systems specs from wikipedia:

Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD
Operating system PlayStation 4 system software
CPU Semi-custom 8-core AMD x86-64 CPU (integrated into APU)[14]
Secondary low power processor (for background tasks)[15]
Memory 8 GB GDDR5 (unified)
256 MB DDR3 RAM (for background tasks)[15]
Storage Hard drive, 500GB (user upgradeable, supports SSD)
Graphics Semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU (integrated into APU)

The Experience
-You need a ps plus membership to do online gaming. given the debacle of xbox one's debut no one seemed to really mind this, ha. I guess the lesser of 2 evils won. But really I personally don't mind, xbox live on 360 was overall a superior online experience to the ps3, so i don't mind paying if they can make it better with that money on ps4.
-The OS: PS4 is terrific at managing tasks, better than pc operating systems in some ways. It basically runs 2 virtual machines on the hardware: it uses 2 cpu cores and 3gb of ram for OS tasks. The remaining 6 cpu cores and 5gb of ram are entirely devoted to the games. So in practice, i can be downloading several dlc packs and games while playing a 64-player match of battlefield 4 conquest with no noticeable affect on performance. The PS4 manages your internet bandwith for you intelligently. my connection allows me about 4 megabytes per second download speed.
-the second great feature of this is that you can seamlessly switch back and forth between your home screen and the game youre playing by pressing the home button. this is better than pc windows 7 where windows on my sig rig has delays and sometimes crashes games when i alt tab out of them.
-also games will install to your hard drive while you play which is great, although id like the option to do a full install myself right away or have it explained what the benefits of this are somewhere. Its clear that battlefield had some lag in loading textures into my multiplayer games when i first played that were later eliminated. id like to be able to have the option to just install the whole thing first and then play. gamers complained about manadatory installs, why i don't know since it is a performance benefit for a short time to wait for install really. the end result was this where its like theyre installing in secret so you don't find out and yell at them on the internet.

The Games I played
-Killzone Shadow Fall is the best looking of the 3 games I bought, its truly next gen in its look, similar to crysis 3 on pc running in high settings, not maxed out though. I played a few hours of the single player campaign, the game can run at a locked 30fps in full 1920x1080 and looks great. The game overall is above average single player campaign, but you get the feeling it couldve been better with some more time to develop the drama and action.
-Battlefield 4 runs at 1600x900 native resolution at 60 fps, with framerate dips but nothing crazy. its about on par with a pc running at medium settings in terms of visual quality. they did a good job of upscaling so its not a big deal to not have the full 1920x1080. Its overall a solid experience.
-COD Ghosts runs at a full 1920x1080 at 60fps with some framerate dips here and there. it looks good with high res textures but it won't dazzle you. its similar to a pc running the game at high settings, but not maxed out.

PC to PS4
-Its clear that sony is working to get alot of the benefits of pc gaming on its console. Here are some:
-free to play games: blacklight retribution, warframe, and dc universe online are available as free to play games with great looking ports. Of course now you need a PS Plus membership to do all online gaming.
-day one on pc and ps4 for games like the very well received indie game Transistor is a smart move. Sony is really ramping up with the indie games coming to its console, something microsoft hasnt done as well with the xbox one and their publishing policies.

Noticeable shortcomings
-it still feels quite early, thers a lack of apps ive become used to on the ps3 like a youtube app. youtube only works if you go to the /tv variant, and that has problems running in the browser
-flash player in the web browser doesn't work properly which is lame.
-no killer app - if i was an exec in charge of the PS4 this would be unacceptable to me. Killzone is no halo/gears/uncharted/god of war. They had almost 7 years between ps3 and ps4, this should have been planned and executed for launch. Looking at Halo 1 and Mario 64 its clear that a killer launch game is huge! Still now 6 months after launch we don't have a killer exclusive for the system.
-the controller: its fine for games but has some baffling and stupid additions, the touchpad serves no useful purpose, its inaccurate and i end up hitting it by accident when trying to press the options button (the new start button). also it changes light color for no apparent reason, don't ask me why. and it has a little speaker in it, no one cares about this, so why include it.
-switching discs: yes i know the internet lost its mind when microsoft was going to get rid of used games, but at this point id appreciate the option to link a game to my account forever if it means i dont have to switch discs everytime i want to play a different game. Look discs are slowly being eliminated, microsoft knew this but messed up how to handle this spectacularly, then backtracked after the clear backlash.
-ps plus games released so far arent exciting. PS3 offers excellent titles so going from that to this is a significant downgrade at this point.
-small complaint: the hard drive fills up fast! games automatically install, at about 35gb a pop each, plus dlc + system os, my hard drive is already almost half full. a 1 terabyte drive standard would be nice, which i'm sure we'll see in the future.
-resolution: I'd expect 1920x1080 30-60fps these days. if i were designing this console I wouldve beefed up its power a bit to hit this target by upping the cpu/gpu at the least. I wouldve eliminated the touchpad /controller speaker + the changing lights on the console and controller to mitigate costs. some extra horsepower for a little bit higher of a price point like $449 US still wouldve beat the xbox one at $499 and left the xbox performance in the dust.

-nothing you cant find on a mid range pc: the games are about on par with a mid range pc in terms of graphics and performance. and given that alot of its best games can be found on pc, thers not a huge incentive to buy one if youre happy with pc gaming.
-a year from now this could be an excellent console with lots of apps, impressive graphics, killer exclusives and great ps plus "free games", but as it stands its good but not great
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