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PNY CS2211 Reviews


PNY CS2211


Pros: Speed/ Controller/ Price

Cons: Color scheme

The most noticeable upgrade you can make to a PC is upgrading a hard drive to a solid state drive. Hard drives used to be one of the slowest moving parts in any computer. Since SSDs have launched, this has changed for the better. Today's market is saturated with SSD drives, and at an all time low-cost per Gigabyte. Extreme performance, reliability, and gaming have all contributed to the adaptation of SSDs. The CS2211 from PNY holds this standard and will make your PC feel brand new again with faster boot up times, quick application access, and an overall better computing experience.Lets take a look at how this SSD performs at its core. The specifications are as follows: Capacity- 480...
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Overclock.net › Components › SSD › PNY CS2211 › PNY CS2211 Reviews