PNY GTX 960 XLR8 Reviews




Pros: Factory overclocked / Cooling

Cons: Extra power consumption

The graphics card is the heart of any gaming rig. The Nvidia GTX 960 is an affordable price point for an Nvidia Geforce branded card. According to the steam hardware survey for 2016, a good 36.81% still game at a resolution of 192 x 1080. This is still the most popular resolution to game with. At this resolution you don't need an expensive card like the new GTX 1080. The GTX 960 will provide very capable 1080P gaming, and allow you to dominate your foes. We are going to dive deep into the design of the PNY Geforce GTX 960 4GB XLR8 OC Gaming card. Lets take a look at what makes this card so unique. Before I continue on with this review, I want to point out PNY has totally re-branded...
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