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A Review On: POWER A FUS1ON Tournament Controller for PS3

POWER A FUS1ON Tournament Controller for PS3

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Pros: Precision, Durability, Changeable Grips, Quality Lighting, Well-Made Carrying Case, Long wire

Cons: Wire Material, Unscrewing Grips, Tiny Deadzone


I was in the market for a PC gaming controller, and I was really getting into researching everything I buy. I wanted the "ultimate' controller, one that would end up lasting me for years but give me a good amount of enjoyment while using it on a daily basis. Price did not matter to me.

I had to look quite hard to actually find any information about this thing, but once I did I knew I was hooked.

First Impressions

When I first saw this in the store, I took notice of how huge the box was. I had no idea what they could possibly fit in all that space but I was eagerly looking forward to it. The packaging on this controller is top notch. When you are buying this, you feel like you are buying something premium/VIP. the quality all the way from the cover down to even the screwdriver is at its best.

When you open it, just like Razer items, you are greeted with many "Welcome" messages/manuals and stickers. I took my time and read them, there really is no need to but I was relaxing and not in a rush.

The first item you will see is the extra pair of grips and a screwdriver. After that you will see the very nice and stylish orange/black box and once you open that up you will meet your new controller with a what looks and feels like a barbed fence wire.

The controller comes equipped with non-rubber grips so the first thing most people do is switch those up to get better grip. This is very simple to do as all you need to do is unscrew about 6 screws (Screwdriver included), take off the plastic ones and clip on the new ones. Just make sure to not be reckless and watch out for the paint so you don't scratch it off.

Once that is done, you can go ahead and plug it in to your PC, they come with a USB plug so they are set for PC use instantly. The 1st thing I recommend you do is download x360ce since not all games detect this controller (Most do). After you quickly set that up (Let it search on the internet, it will automatically find you the correct settings) you can drop that program into any game and have this controller work flawlessly.

In-Game Usability

First thing I want to mention here is that I have used almost any other controller you can think of.
NES, Wii, N64, Dreamcast, Custom rip-off's (MadDogz comes to mind), 360, Xbox Original, Razer Onza, etc.

This is by far one of the more precise thumbsticks to control. They aren't the easiest things to move around and require a bit of push to move them, but that is actually what makes them so accurate for me. I never end up moving them too much, more so I'll end up stopping exactly when I need to instead. The 4 main buttons feel extremely high quality and they give of a great tactile feel when pushed, the triggers are very well responsive, and overall they give a off a "powerful" feeling.

The Dpad is great for the 4 main directions, but I wouldn't use it past that so people looking for fighting games might look elsewhere. It steel feels top notch, but pressing left + down at once for example might be a bit too hard.

I never seem to lose grip with the rubber handles, and sweating isn't a issue. if I start to sweat, the grips are made easy to clean. I have been using it for about a month now and it is still looking brand new for me, nothing a simple wipe with a tissue cant solve.

The lights on this thing are fantastic, You can change the color at any time by this little button on the back. It's hard to press/find so you wont ever do it in-game and each setting gives of a very vibrant but in-control type of light which adds to the feeling that your using a state of the art controller. At night, I have absolutely no problems looking at the keys and just smiling at how aesthetically pleasing this controller truly is.

Finally, the wire is really irritating for me. Since the wire always seems to be touching parts of my arm/leg the fact they chose such a "scratchy" materials makes me question them. I see no reason to protect a wire this way unless you have a cat/dog that likes to chew on things. I solve this by wearing longer cloth so I don't feel it, but I shouldn't have to resort to that.

Overall, I feel this is $80 well spent. The case is useful for when i take this on the go with my laptop, The controller will impress anyone just by looks alone, the durability and build quality seems like it will last me for years to come, the thumbsticks give off great precision and the feel it gives off when pressing buttons makes me feel "powerful" and in control as I play my games. If you want the best of the best, I would have to say look no further then this.

Overall: 4.5/5

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