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PrimoChill Pure Intensified Performance Coolant (32oz.) - Steel Blue

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PrimoChill Pure Intensified Performance Coolant (32oz.) - Steel Blue

PrimoChill has taken pride over the last 10 years in making the finest coolant products for the avid modder and overclocker and the tradition continues with our latest reformulation. PC Pure Intensified has been updated with our new Intensifier line of water-based dyes to give you the most intense looking and glowing coolant on the market today. The revolutionary cooling formulation takes a giant step in the world of water cooling-leaving the competition in a puddle of their own sweat. PC Pure Intensified was created for the MOST EXTREME USER looking for the absolute lowest temperatures and highest overclocks. Its clean, low viscosity and low chemical makeup creates an excellent coolant for your PC. If you are a performance purist looking for an affordable and efficient solution, the ONLY solution is PC Pure Intensified.Trust the brand that has lasted the test of time, the fluid with the performance that is still top notch with the cost that is still outstanding. Ounce for ounce, PC Pure still remains your best choice. *As with all cooling fluids, PC Pure Intensified can become conductive if it comes in contact with dust or other fluids that may be conductive. Proper maintenance is needed with any and all cooling fluids. It is always a good idea to keep your system clean and free of dust, especially in a water cooled system. Proper maintenance is a necessity with any and all cooling fluids. PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk. USAGE NOTES: **DO NOT MIX: PC PURE includes an Anti-Microbial agent. Mixing of any other anti-algae or anti-microbial agents with PC PURE fluid is NOT recommended (this includes Liquid Utopia). Adding additional agents will cause a chemical reaction with the agent currently in the fluid. This will cause the fluid to perform at less than optimal levels and may cause unwanted build up. PLEASE NOTE: Amazon requires lids to be taped for shipping.

FeatureAs Pure as it can be made with all the protection you have come to trust. Cleanest coolant formulation in the water cooling industry. Just enough of what you need. Designed for the user that wants the best overclocking temps without the need for crazy voodoo additives. Pre-Mixed. Pre-Dyed and Ready to add to your system. Safe on all plastics, rubbers, and miscellaneous gasket materials, including Acrylic. Environmentally responsible food safe NON-TOXIC biodegradable product-good for you, good for your PC, and good for the planet. Specially formulated for high flow pumps, not prone to mechanical sheering and excellent lubrication properties to increase pump life. PrimoChill does NOT use Ethylene Glycol in any fluid. Water Based (not designed for sub zero temps), 2 year shelf life, (unopened)
TitlePrimoChill Pure Intensified Performance Coolant (32oz.) - Steel Blue
Package Height3.4 inches
Package Length9.4 inches
Package Weight2.5 pounds
Package Width3.5 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
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Overclock.net › Components › Fans & Heatsinks › Water Cooling › PrimoChill Pure Intensified Performance Coolant (32oz.) - Steel Blue