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PrimoChill Vortex Flow Indicator


Pros: Looks great; Faceplate and inner gear are replaceable with different colors

Cons: Leaks

Bought this because I wanted to connect a water indicator to my loop so I can easily see if my pump is working or not. I though this looks nice, the build quality looks ok, the only thing that I noticed when I first saw it is that the body of the unit (the black POM) is not flush with the face plate and I can say that its shape is convex. I then tried checking the internet for reviews and see if this is the way its designed, and I did see a video on youtube from PrimoChill saying that this is normal.
So I installed it and it leaks. I was using rigid acrylic tubing in my build, 3 waterblocks, 2 rads, 2 res and a lot of fittings, this flow indicator is one of the components that I was expecting to not have leak but unfortunately, this is the only thing that has leak in my loop. I tried changing the faceplate, but no use, I still see drops of water coming out between the faceplate and the body. So I was not able to use this.

Just wanted to share my experience with this product. TY
PrimoChill Vortex Flow Indicator

PrimoChill Vortex Flow Indicator is one of the latest products that PrimoChill is offering and is catered towards the modders and their need for color!!! What makes the Vortex unique and not like anything on the market today is its size, simple install, and extensive color combinations all in one awesome little package. The Vortex Flow Indicator was designed as a DIY part that the user can switch out the front/back/gear colors with the simple turn of a screw. Whether you want a UV Blue front and a UV Green back, the choice is yours. The Vortex has three threaded G 1/4 ports, one on the left , one on the right and one on top. The top port is perfectly centered for the use of a LED port cap to add a little light to the Vortex. The inside gear will spin to give you a visual indication that the water in your loop is moving (your pump is still running). *Description from PPCS

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