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Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 14

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Rated #65 in Case Fans


Pros: Thin, Lots of Air, Silent, 120mm Mounts on 140mm Fan, PWM

Cons: Not the Best for Heatsinks, Wires Come Loose Often, Adapter Does Not Work

Prolimatech has just done it again. They have released another ground breaking fan.

All though there are a few Cons, the Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 14 is an excellent product.

The box contains a fan, screws, and an adapter.

The specs listed on the box:

The unique 17 blade design allows the Ultra Sleek Vortex to push more air than most thick 140mm fans. The fan also is unique in the fact that it uses 120mm mounts. This would be excellent for a main intake/exhaust fan. This fan will fit anywhere that fits a 120mm fan but has room for a 140mm fan. However, it would not work on a dual radiator owing to the fact that it is a 140mm fan.

This fan will be absolutely silent to a user. You will need to put your ear directly next to the unit to hear any noise at all.

No product can be absolutely perfect, and this one is no exception. The wires coming into the motor are not secured very well and tend to come loose.

Prolimatech would have done well to cover up the wires instead of adding small clips.

Another issue I ran into while testing, was that the provided adapter did not work. I tried 2 adapters on multiple PWM fans, and neither of them worked.

Instead of going with the traditional single cable extension, Prolimatech has included something different. The PWM pins are the only 2 pins that connect to the 4 pin. The power is obtained from a molex plug, with pass-through.

I may have just gotten 2 bad adapters, but 2 for 2 is not good for a new product release.

Prolimatech states that the fan has a high static pressure, but my tests showed otherwise. I used a Cooler Master Hyper 212, a 3570k at stock speed and a 4.6 GHz Overclock, and Prime95.

At stock speed the generic brand fan was cooler by 1 degree (58.5 vs 57.5)

At the 4.6 GHz overclock, the stock fan was again cooler but by only 0.75 degrees (90 to 89.25)

These results are within margin of error, but one would expect a name brand fan to outperform all generics.

While this fan might not be what hard core, overclocking gamers are looking for, this fan is perfect for HTPC users. It is silent, blows lots of air, and has a very small footprint.

Despite the problems, I recommend this fan to gamers and HTPC users. It has all the aspects of a great fan, and a bonus with the 120mm mounts.

I give this fan a 8/10. It would receive a 10, but its performance is lower than what I expected out of a $20 fan. Instead of charging $20, I think Prolimatech should sell this fan for $15 due to its shortcomings.
Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 14

Thick, bulging, protruding, and crowding your case, those are the other guy's fans. But Prolimatech looks to give you your space back! No thicker than a stack of 11 pennies, the Ultra Sleek Vortex Fan is only 15 mm thick! With 17 blades and variable fan speeds of 500 to 1000 RPM, this sleek machine offers superb high static pressure and wind volume while hardly making a noise!

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