Puretrak Talent (Black) - Serious gaming pad for seriously low price

A Review On: Puretrak Talent (Black) 19x14" Gaming Mouse Pad

Puretrak Talent (Black) 19x14" Gaming Mouse Pad

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Pros: Bottom grip, top glide, washable

Cons: Maybe too wide for some

If you've read the Puretrak Talent reviews you've pretty much know what this one is all about. Only difference is Puretrak decided to listen to its customer suggestions and this is an all black surface version.

Comes in square box rolled up and at first I thought oh no, but surprisingly it laid flat right away. No need for weights to flatten down edges or long ritual, you can get down to gaming right out of the box. The pad as a whole is heavy, thick, and feels well made.

Side picture comparison of mouse pads. In order from top to bottom, Roccat Taito, Aritsan Hayate Otsu, Zowie G-SR DG, Puretrak Black Talent.

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Only down side for pads like this is the air pockets in the base which can possibly have inconsistencies. I did not feel or find any uneven areas when swiping top of this black Talent.

The top of the pad feels smoother with a bit more glide than the Taito. Control seems about evenly compared, it's not hard to stop with more control than Otsu just not as fast. Pad width is deep like a QCK heavy or Taito 5mm. It's a soft pad with some cushion when I depress down with finger.

At first it looks like it's too wide from side to side than I'm used to but found that to be handy in gaming at 800 CPI. I can swipe from one side to the other without running out of room and can do a complete 360 degree turn in game never running out of pad or having to pick up my mouse. At 19x14" it's got your area covered albeit oblong but serves its purpose.

Examining the pad it's cut evenly across the entire surface. Pad has a finely soft rubber bottom which has a nice grip that doesn't slide on desk surface no matter how fast I was swiping.

Logo in bottom right corner is a bit on the larger size than I'd like but in correlation with this very large mouse pad it's relative and I never come close to it when mousing over top. Logo is embedded into the cloth and not an embossed decal. See close up picture below.

Looks like this is a washable mouse pad. If it's like original Talent then this is a plus. There's not much to dislike with this pad. I can see why the original is popular and if you're a low sense gamer you already made adjustments to your desktop to accommodate this type of space.

All black is good for tracking and matches most rigs aesthetically. If you were thinking of the original Talent but didn't like the pattern, or already have one and wanted an all black pad or just in the market for a new serious gaming pad at seriously low pricing, Puretrak Talent is a pad I can recommend. smile.gif

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How does it compare to the original Puretrak Talent?
I do not own the original talent so cannot comment or make comparison. From what I understood by reading Puretrak description it's the original talent, just all black.