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A Review On: QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 2560x1440 WQHD PLS (LG IPS) Panel PC Monitor Matte Screen USA Adapter + 100% Quality Testing Service

QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 2560x1440 WQHD PLS (LG IPS) Panel PC Monitor Matte Screen USA Adapter + 100% Quality Testing Service

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Pros: PLS panel, very bright, picture quality is awesome, fast to start-up, 1440p, can overclock to 90-120 Hz

Cons: Dual DVI only, no on-screen display

Got this around the holidays and let me just say, it is a GREAT investment.

This monitor uses a Samsung PLS panel with amazing picture quality. It's the same panel as you see in Samsung monitors and some other mainstream brands, but this monitor costs only about 300 bucks, if you get it on sale. The PLS panel is generally considered to be slightly better than the LG IPS panel. The colors are very pronounced and the picture quality is amazing. My other monitor, an Acer S230HL, looks like washed-out junk compared to the QNIX QX2710.

The thing about these monitors that likely is what makes them so cheap is the use of a bypass board. This means the monitor has no OSD (on-screen display) for adjusting color/brightness. Thankfully the color is fine as-is. The only adjustable options are brightness, and the volume for the built-in speakers, which are done by buttons, but there is no OSD. The built-in speakers are what you'd expect in a $300 monitor. They do the job, but they are weak and lacking in midranges, and lows are nonexistent. I don't use the built-in speakers, though. The bypass board also means this monitor can actually overclock- It defaults to 60 Hz, but you can crank it up to around 120Hz without much trouble. There's a great thread in the Monitors section of the site that explains how to do this and provides links to the needed software.

The downside is the bypass board is very specific about input format. This monitor only accepts dual-link DVI-D. Single-link, or DVI-I will not work. There is no HDMI or VGA. The speaker input is a 3.5mm audio jack next to the DVI. If you're on you likely own a graphics card capable of this type of output, but you may want to double check before buying. It will not work with onboard graphics or laptops, or port adapters. So it's a good idea to keep a second monitor on hand if you ever need to run integrated graphics to fix a problem as this monitor won't work with it.

The downsides are minor. The speakers do stink, but monitor in-built speakers don't set the bar very high, so I'm not going to take off a star for that. If you have a capable video card, buy this monitor. The sellers could easily be charging $450 or more for these, and the price will likely go up. But trust me, you won't be disappointed. You even get a free Korean-to-US plug adapter! (The power brick accepts 110 or 220V, so don't worry about the voltage).


Why's the price going up?
^It's a very high quality monitor and as more people realize this, the demand will go up, and therefore the price will too. It's kind of like stocks: buy them when they're cheap.
It's going up due to the holiday season, this is what was put out from the vendors, afterwards it'll go back down.
Im considering a 27inch 2k monitor. The price of this is very tempting. Im just afraid of the Ghosting and lack of response time issues with FPS gaming. Any thoughts on this?